Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Picture catch up

Tis the season to be super busy.  As the kids get older, I find that we are more busy, not less.  I guess it was a little easier when they were little and we didn't have to work around homework and activities.  By the afternoon, we are so beat, that I can't remember to blog!

Anyway - here are some pictures from the last few weeks to catch up.

Finley, Arlington and I went to see "Shrek" the musical at our local high school while Mat and Cainan were at a Lego convention.  The high school did a great job and we had fun.

 Silly girls
 IT was Cainan's turn this year to put the angel on top of the tree.  He was scared to death being on Mat's shoulders.

 This year's tree.  Cainan named him "Fatty Bob".
 Our one fire place in by the tree.

 Finley got a medal at Gymnastics (all the kids did) for their winter performance.  She was so excited.
 We got a gingerbread kit and the kids decorated them this weekend while it snowed outside.
 This is what the kit came with.

 Ooops - theses are a little out of order.  This is the kids at the Christmas tree farm looking for this year's tree.

 Arlington at her first basketball game of the season.

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