Wednesday, April 2, 2014


True to my word, today I took Finley (and the other two kiddos) to the American Girl store so that she could get her present for staying in 2nd grade.

She wanted a little dog named Meatloaf.  I got lucky - it was on sale for $10 - a win/win.

Today was also Finley's conference with her teacher.  It was a good conference.  It gave the teacher and I a chance to talk about next year a bit, and what is going on with Finley right now and what we would like to add to the IEP to support her academically next year.  We were on the same page, and it was great.  Made me feel good about our decision.

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Shayla McCartney said...


Oh I'm glad everything is working out good! I like your little puppies Finley!! They're so cute! Awww!!