Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Day of School

On June 23rd, we had the last day of school here in Massachusetts.  Yes it is ridiculous that we are almost to July and still in school.  No I don't like it.  Yes I have to deal with it.

The worst part?  On June 22nd I saw a back to school commercial.  Seriously.

I took pictures of the kids before they left for the morning.  It was only a half a day.  By lunch time they were free, and we started our "no need to get up at 6:30 for 8 weeks" routine.


 Arlington was the first out the door.  This was her last year in Elementary school.  I can't believe we have a middle schooler.  All the 5th graders got shirts.

 Last day of First grade!  He has grown so much this year - emotionally, educationally, and physically

Our sweet girl.  2nd grade - take one - in the books.  She is still not happy with us that she is a 2nd grader again next year, but mama knows best.  She is going to be great.

Arlington's school does a "clap off" for all the 5th graders.  All the students, teachers, and parents line the hall ways and cheer as they get on the buses one last time as elementary students.  I got a little teary.
 Arlington and her best friend.  We are so lucky this girl lives next door!
And one final shout out to  Finley's aide (on the left) and her amazing teacher (on the right).  We are happy to be with them both again in the fall!


Anonymous said...

June 25th 2014

Great pictures! Wow Arlington...what an honor a middle schooler already! Amazing!!

Cainin and Finley are awesome too, so grown up they are now!

I an confident that Finley and Cainin will have a great school year when it comes again, but now it's SUMMER VACATION!! Wahoo!!!! :D

Have a great summer! :)

Friend, Shayla!

Anonymous said...

Arlington! I love your T Shirt <3 so wonderful sweetie! :-)