Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 11 - Sherlock Holmes house and Platform 9 3/4 and then Home to Massachusetts

I didn't have internet connection Monday in the hotel we were in, so I am behind a day!

Anyway - Monday morning we left Paris and went back to London for one more day.  We were catching our plane out of London today, so we decided to have one more day there in case there was anything else we wanted to see there.

We got to the train station a bit early, but glad we did.  They were having technical problems with the ques and customs, so the line was HUGE and not moving.  But our train left on time, which was great.

We didn't make a plan ahead of time - wanted to make sure there wasn't something we missed the first time around.  We decided to check out the Sherlock Holmes house/museum since we only had a few hours to spare.

The museum was neat.  It was at 221b Baker Street - for real - and was pretty cool.  We had to wait in line for an hour or more, but we did fine.  We got some snacks, and took turns leaving the line to stroll the shops near by.

After the house, we went to Kings Cross station, and saw Platform 9 3/4 (for all of you Harry Potter fans).  It was right there between platforms 9 and 10!  There was a HUGE line of people who waited to take their picture with the cart going into the wall, but we passed on that.  I had just wanted to see it.

We ended up eating at the station because everyone was hungry and Arlington was OVER IT when it came to trying new foods.  So we gave in and ate burritos.  A total let down, but we dragged the kids to many cafes and restaurants and made them try new things, so it was okay.

We spent the night in a nice little hotel and this morning we left for Massachusetts.  Our trip to Heathrow was LONG - over an hour in a car with a driver, but we just were riding along.  Traffic was crazy.  We got to the airport and check in was also crazy.  A lot of people couldn't figure out the kiosk to scan their passports and get their tickets before going to the luggage check in gate, and so the luggage people were having to do all of that as well at their desk.

We checked in the luggage and got some snacks for the plane and breakfast foods.  We headed to the gate (which was FAR) just to find out they changed it just moments before to a gate much, much further.  By the time we got to the gate, they were boarding.  We have never been that close before and we had been in the airport for 2 hours.

Flight was great and actually went by quickly.  Kids all did very well, and we were in the house by mid-afternoon.  We are all messed up - think is midnight, but we are hanging on just a little longer so we can right ourselves.

Tomorrow is back to the grind.  Mat back to work.  It is hard when a vacation comes to an end.  I now have the travel bug to see more.  The world is so big, and I have been letting my fear of flying hold me back.  This was the first time I have flown and not felt that fear.  I hope in a few years, Mat and I can make another trip like this one.  We will have to see where the kids want to go next!

Enjoy the pictures.

Arlington and Finley at the train station.
 Paris' Train station
 This is the eye hospital where our researcher, Dr. Ali, works:

 Sherlock's house at 221b Baker Street:

 The line to get into Sherlock's house:
 Finley and Cainan pose with the policeman outside of Sherlock's house:
 Inside the house:

 Mat sitting at Sherlock's desk signing the guest book:

 The home and work place of HG Wells - which was right down the street:
 Kings Cross station:
 Platform 9 3/4!!!!

 Crazy people waiting in line to take their picture with the station:

 Eating Burritos.  Sigh:

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