Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Break Fun

We tried to do a few fun things during the week at Pennsylvania.  It proved to be a little difficult because we brought the bad weather with us from Boston.  We had cold temperatures, and snow, but we still squeezed in some fun.

On Monday we went to the Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh.  We had never taken the kids there before, so I am glad we went.  They LOVED it.  We were able to meet my sister in law, Tricia, and my nephews and that added to the fun.

We spent the whole afternoon there, and then went to dinner all together before heading home for the evening.

Here are a few pictures:

Finley in front of her favorite dinosaur:
 Grammy and Papa with their granchildren:
 Arlington in front of her favorite dinosaur:
 Cainan in front of his favorite dinosaur:
 My nephew, Jack, digging for bones:
 Finley helping Jack:
 Cainan and Ethan digging:

Tuesday we went to the Connellsville High School because the Junior ROTC club had been raising money for Finley and our foundation.  Since Christmas these kids have raised $360.  Amazing!  We were so excited to get to meet some of them, introduce them to Finley and talk to them about Finley's condition and our foundation's mission.  It is always great to see young kids getting involved with a cause.  They were passionate and determined, and they are going to be AMAZING adults.  I am so glad we got to meet them.

Tuesday night my mom and I went to a Penguins Hockey game.  My parents have season tickets and I love getting to see a game or two a year.  They lost, but we had a great time, so it didn't matter.

Wednesday we did our annual shopping trip to get our winter clothes for next year.  BEST time of the year to do it.  SO cheap.  Love it.  Arlington, my mom and I went and my dad took Finley and Cainan to see Sponge Bob and to Chuck E Cheese.  He earns the Papa of the year for that.

Thursday we went to an indoor Trampoline park with the kids.  They had a really great time and I am definitely going to look for one around us to take them to.  What a great idea it is - and they were TIRED.  It was perfect.

Thursday night my parents took Arlington to a hockey game and I took Finley and Cainan to see Paddington.  Arlington had a great time and the game, and the movie was really cute.

Friday we went to my in-laws house and spent the day with them.  It is great to have my sister in law, Teen, and her family living in PA now.  We haven't seen them for awhile, and it was my first time meeting my nephew, Rex.  We had a really fun day, and Arlington was our hero and entertained the kids so I could catch up with my in-laws.

This was our ride to my in-laws.  These trees are covered in ice - not snow - ice.

 5 of the 7 grandkids there that day doing crafts

Saturday we went to my Grammy's house to pick up all the furniture and household items I am inheriting from her.  It was bitter sweet, as always.  I am very excited to have things in my home that will remind me daily of her (especially her Grandmother clock that chimes every 15 minutes and reminds me of her each time it does) but it was hard to say goodbye to the house.  I took one last look around, reliving the memories I have made with her over the last 40 years in that house.  I took a picture of the house before I left, but Mat accidentally left our camera in PA, so I don't have that to share today.

After the move, Mat took the kids to his parent's house to visit (he flew in that morning so that we could drive the Uhaul back to MA), and I went home with my parents to wrap up a few things and pack to go home.

Sunday we headed home.  It was a great week!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! What a great day!! Thanks for sharing take care!

Shayla M. :)

jennohara said...

Looks like a week of great fun! I love the trampoline photos. I wish I had a room like that in my house to tire out the kids! lol!