Friday, March 27, 2015

This year's Dinner Dance

Again this year, we attended the Dinner Dance that the Fiore family hosted for our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  Their daughter, Bella, has the same disease as Finley and we are so grateful that the Fiore's are a part of our group.  They are amazing people.  They have become family.  The get what we are going through.  Bella and Finley crave each other's company on a different level than the rest of their friends.  We have both heard them say "she get's what I am going through".  It is true.  Even as their parents, we won't get what they are going through.  And they have each other to deal with this together.

The Fiore's are the family that lives the closest to us, so we have tried to get together several times a year, attend each other's fundraisers, and gotten to know each other's families.  We are thankful for them every day of the year.

We had so much fun at the Dinner Dance.  Finley didn't want to leave.

Enjoy the pictures

 Finley and Bella

 My girls and I
 The venue.  Absolutely gorgeous
 Cainan not wanting to give me a smiley face:
 They had a photo booth and the kids loved it:
 Bella's sister, Ava:

 Bella's mom, Maria, and Bella making some announcements:

 Bella's grandma and Ava having a dance:
 Finley talking to Bella's Braille teacher

 Bella and her dad on the dance floor:

 Mat and Finley on the dance floor:

 Bella's dad, Mike, and her sister Ava:
 The raffle table.  They had some really great raffles.  We even won one!
 Getting down:

 Finley and Bella dancing:

 The event went until midnight, so the kids were a little punchy:

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Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures they are getting so big such beautiful kids I'm happy the dance went so very well....always good!

take care!
Shayla M.