Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NYC Trip - Day #1

April 18, 2015 - Saturday

Our first full day in New York City.  We all slept comfortably in the apartment.  We were in no big rush to get up and out, but we were all ready to go by 9am.

We stopped at Jamba Juice - Mat's favorite - for breakfast and headed to Rockefeller Center to look around.  It was the warmest day of our trip - temps reaching near 80 - and yet they still had the ice skating rink open and people were skating.

We peeked in the NBC Studios Store, We visiting the American Girl Doll Store, we went in the Lego Store.  We walked passed fountains that were full of pink rubber ducks.

Then we headed to Times Square.  It was incredibly crowded due to one of the sidewalks being under construction.  It took kind of forever to get anywhere because of that, but we did okay.  We didn't lose anyone, so I find that a plus.  We went into the M+M store, the Toys R Us, and walked around Times Square taking in the sights.

We ate a hot dog and pretzel from a street vendor.  Mat and I have traveled to NYC many times and this is one of my favorite things.  They really are yummy.  Don't be afraid. :)

Saturday was our day to go to Blue Man Group.  Mat and Finley sat downstairs so that she could see, and Arlington, Cainan and I sat upstairs.  Mat and I have seen them before and knew that the kids would love them, and we were right.  This is a fun show and appropriate for just about any age.  We had a great time.

After the show, we had some time to kill before dinner, so Mat suggested we go to St. Patrick's Cathedral, (where my family and I used to go to church when we visited NYC when we were little).  IT is a huge, beautiful church.  It was under construction while we were there, but we did get to see a good bit of it.

After the church we went to the New York Public Library.  It was a huge, beautiful building.  Amazing to see.  They have reading rooms, and you sit (if you want) and ask for a book and it is brought to you.  You aren't allowed to touch the book on the shelves.  Most of the books are actually kept in 7 floors below the library itself.  I would love to go down there!  The largest reading room was closed for restoration, which was disappointing.  I told Mat he and I would have to check that out the next time we go back.

After the Library, we went to dinner.  I had made reservations at a place I had heard about on some "where to take your kids in NYC" blogs and also in my People Magazine.  (see?  That magazine is good for something).  It was called Dylan's Candy Bar.  They have a full menu (real food - not just desserts).  You have to make a reservation in advanced - it gets booked quickly.  Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren.  She has several of these stores around in different states, but this is her flagship store.  The food was great, the dessert was huge, and the store was fun.  I am glad we went.

We were back in our apartment by 8pm - tired and happy.  Enjoy the pictures

The ice skaters at Rockefeller Center:
 Weirdos at Rockefeller Center

 At the Lego Store.  Cainan was in Heaven:

 The pink rubber ducks in a fountain at Rockefeller:
 Finley at the American Girl doll store.  She never wanted to leave:
 She wants the Girl of the year because she went to Paris.  Finley happened to be wearing her Paris shirt today:

 How Arlington felt about being inside a church on vacation.  Again:

 Inside the Toys R Us Store on Time Square.  We didn't ride the Ferris Wheel.  We heard this store is closing, so I am glad the kids got a chance to see this crazy place before that happened:

 Finley and Mat sat in the "Poncho" section for Blue Man Group
 The New York Public Library:

 Inside the Disney Store on Time Square.
 Dylans.  We took pictures of our desserts just for my mother who is obsessed with food pictures:

 We sat in the Blue Cupcake Booth in the back:
 What Arlington wanted in the Candy Store.  We said.....uh no.

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