Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Review #39

The book I am going to review today is


It was in the category: A Book with a Love Triangle

This is the story of a girl named Clara who is an "angel-blood"  (part human, part angel).  As some part in a young angel-blood's life, they get a purpose.  They get this purpose in the form of a vision.  Hers is to save a young man named Christian.  Her mom moves she and her brother to Wyoming where Christian lives.  She has no idea when her purpose will come about, so she has to get close to Christian and try and figure out how she is supposed to save him.  In the meantime, she falls in love with another boy named Tucker.  She likes Christian, but loves Tucker.  In the end, she has to save one.

I thought this was a pretty good YA novel.  It was an easy read, and considering what I have been reading lately, it was refreshing.  I finished its 400 pages in 3 days because the story kept my interest.  This is a trilogy, so I plan on finishing it (once my 50 book challenge is over)

Stars: 4

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