Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let it SNOW baby!!!

(our house!!)

That's right – Sunday morning we woke up with snow on the ground here in Connecticut. I always loved the first snow as a kid. The kids went crazy when they saw it. Finley and Cainan have never seen snow and it has been awhile since Arlington has had a chance to play in it. So they couldn't wait to get outside! Mat took Arlington out for a little while before church and then when we returned home from church we stayed outside and played for a short time. It was so cold, but they didn't care. It was a great snowball making snow as well, which made it fun! After we were significantly wet and cold we all came in for the day. I got some pictures and put them below!

Sunday we also got our Christmas tree. Being in the woods of New England we easily located a “cut your own tree” place to get our tree from this year. Now don't start thinking “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation”. We went to an actual FARM of trees, Mat did remember the chainsaw (although he didn't need it), and no one froze in place. In fact, only Mat and Arlington went because we can't fit us AND the tree into the van. They had a great time and came back with the perfect tree. And the house smells SO good – the pine smell is unbelievable coming off this thing!

So Sunday afternoon we turned on some Christmas music and decorated the tree. Even the babies had a chance to help out with the soft/nonbreakable ornaments. Then we chased them away and put on all the rest of the ornaments and our little village under the tree. Mat is going to put the train up in a few days and our little tree will be complete! I took some pictures and put them below. (of course)

Arlington said something cute this weekend. She and Mat were talking about the babies, and Mat has been telling us he wants to start calling them “the twins”. Neither Arlington or I like that because they aren't TRULY twins, even though they are only 30 days apart. He says it is because they aren't really babies any more. (Although, I have heard Mat's dad refer to Mat's youngest sister, Jess as “the baby” and she is 28, so......) Any way, I thought we could call them the little ones, or something like that (but really what I think is “who cares”), and Arlington said, “I think we could call them 'China' and 'Florida' since that is where they were born”. What a weirdo.

Cainan wasn't too sure of the snow. He didn't really want to touch it. Mat took him out Sunday morning alone in the snow, and Cainan was just standing there taking it all in. Mat told him to try and touch it, so he reaches down with one finger and pulls back - “cold” he says. Mat says, “Its okay – go ahead and touch it”. Cainan says, “I need to put my glove on”. So he tries to put on his mittens, then Mat say “touch it now” and Cainan looks at him and says “uh, no”. After awhile he got into the spirit, but he could take it or leave it.

Finley LOVED the snow. And she ate of ton of it. She ate so much she didn't want lunch! Ugh. She ran all over the place outside giggling and dancing around. She was having a great time. And, of course, she loves the tree. She keeps inching closer and closer to it. I am SURE something is going to be broken and it will be her doing. I see the wheels turning on how she is going to touch the tree and not get caught doing so.

Monday was uneventful at work – just busy. Mondays always are! I had several meetings throughout the day so that helped some. I had one cute 1st grader that came in with a belly ache, and I asked him when it started and he said, “I think awhile ago, but I just noticed it about 10 minutes ago”. That made me chuckle. Hard to be mean when they are so cute! I also did my first handwashing class with a third grade class. It was fun. We watched a short video, and then I have this lotion that you spread on your hands and when held under a blue light it represents “germs on your hands” and lights up. The kids thought that was really cool. Then they had to wash it off and we saw how well they washed their hands. Some did really great. But the others (mostly boys) did truly terrible. It was a riot.

Finley said something funny too. Mat was in the middle of shaving the other morning and there was a little commotion with the kids, and he came to see. He still had shaving cream on his face and when Finley saw him she said, “daddy, you have milk on your face”.

Today was a good day at work. I had two morning meetings and then got to LEAVE the building this afternoon for 2 ½ hours for a meeting at our high school for the nurses. It was AWESOME. I never get to leave. I left the teachers an email that said that unless the kid was bleeding to death, or vomiting, not to send them to the main office. And I didn't get a single call – they survived. :)

My cousin, Alissa came today as well. She is staying overnight with me while Mat is away in Florida. Mat left early this morning for our old stomping grounds in south Florida, and will return home tomorrow night. Alissa lives in NYC, and is only a few short hours away, so I am greatful for the company. It helps to have an extra set of hands, too, with the kids at night. We had fun with her this evening and tomorrow she will head home shortly after we leave for work. Thanks Alissa for coming to stay with us!

So that is our week. I have SEVERAL pictures, of course, because of the first snow. Enjoy and I will see you Tuesday!!


The Kovalls said...

Three things-

The pictures are GREAT! The one of Cainan above looks like it should be a campaign ad for Connecticut :-)

Also - Arlington ROCKS. Florida and China - that girl is a genius!

And, you always complain that Finley doesn't eat. At least she consumed something. So what if it was precipitation!

Tara Bennett said...

Baby it's cold outside! Your kiddos are adorable. I'm so jealous of your snow. I live in Utah with supposedly 'the greatest snow on earth.' But everywhere I look it's green or brown. Lame! I need snow - especially for Christmas!

Donna said...

I love all the snow pics. We actually had snow in Houston last night, it just didn't stick.

BTW, you have been tagged on my blog again. :)