Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Big Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported and sponsored us in the VisionWalk that we are taking part in on October 24th. We cannot thank you enough for all of the support and prayers that we have had along the way. We have already rasied $1200!! I am in total shock. But I know we can raise more.

If you have not yet sponsored us, and would like to- please click on this link:

Just click on the "Support Jennifer" button when you get to the Foundation Fighting Blindness sight, and it will walk you through the process! We hope to walk in the Pittsburgh area next year, so that we can walk as one big team. We will even have cool T-shirts!

But thank you for supporting research for blindness. We are hoping to one day have a cure for Finley's genetic condition so that she can see clearly and enjoy seeing all the beautiful things that are in the world.

Speaking of cool T-shirts!!! Here is a peak at this year's shirt that our family will be wearing for the walk:

Isn't the design great? Mat got it all together. I can't wait for them to get here!


Today was a wonderful fall day. There are enough leaves in our yard now to make piles for jumping.

Actually, there are enough leaves in the yard to make LOTS of piles for jumping. Enough for everyone in the neighborhood to jump in.

The kids had a great time playing in the leaves. We had beautiful weather today - breezy, and slightly warm. We spent the day putting away all the porch furniture, organizing the garage, and getting ready for winter.

Sniff. Winter. Already????

And look at this!!!

Cainan JUMPED into the leaves. Last year he cried when we set him in the leaves. He didn't like it one bit. This year - no problem! He loved them.

The kids took turns jumping into the leaves and throwing them into the air.

It was fun all the way around.

This week went by quickly. Work was pretty uneventful. Busy, of course. I finished up the hearing and vision screenings on the 4th graders, and finished up handwashing classes for that grade as well. I did have a Kindergartener tell me he has a cat named "Nimrod". Nice.

Today Arlington had soccer practice this morning and then we ran a few errands. Soccer went well today - she was the goalie and actually blocked the ball instead of just watching it roll into the goal. Progress.

The rest of the day was spent outside. It was great to get the outside all cleaned up. I did rake up the leaves in the yard, but as fast as I raked - they fell from the trees.

Sigh. Who said living in the woods was a good idea? Oh yeah, I did. Right.

I took a picture of the beautiful mum's my beautiful mother-in-law, Sally, bought me the last time she was here.
Aren't they great? Arlington picked out the color.

We have a three day weekend. Our schools are closed for Columbus day here in Connecticut. It is nice to have this three day weekend! And Tuesday and Wednesday in my district are half days of school, so that is even better. A nice easy week ahead.

Who am I kidding. 3 kids, 270 students at the school.....easy week. Yeah, okay.

Update on Finley - we heard from BESB (Board of Education for the Blind) and we have ourselves a teacher. She will be meeting with us on the 21st. She is meeting with us here at the house the first time, and then will see her at the school. I am anxious to meet her and see what she has to offer.

I also made appointments for her for hearing, cardiology (heart), pediatrician, and geneticist. These were all appointments that go along with the LCA diagnosis. Sometimes it doesn't just effect the eyes. So these are the things that go along with it.

Finley has a heart murmur that we already know about. We were told it was an innocent murmur, and she was followed by a cardiologist while we were in Florida. So, we want to make sure that it is still the case. And she does have trouble hearing low tones - she was tested last year. So, we have to have a follow up to that as well.

The pediatrician - that is because we need to get blood drawn for kidney function. Again- another problem that can come along with LCA. (she is going to be SO mad about that appointment). And the geneticist was recommended a few times by the eye doctor. He will put all this testing above together and see what we are dealing with.

So - we are going to be busy. She has about 6 appointments total between now and the end of February. 3 of those are in Boston- ugh!! We are still waiting for the "official" results of the ERG (the test she had under anesthesia last week). We have another week or two to wait for that.

So, that is the latest!

Cainan had a break through lately. He has been really struggling to learn his letters. Then, all of the sudden - wala!! He is doing great. We are really proud of him. And he is able to tell us more details when we ask him to remember a series of events, or even friends names at school. Yay for Cainan!

So that is all for today. Have a great weekend! We will see you Tuesday!

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The Kovalls said...

Really awesome pics! Can I order one of Finley's shirts? They are really cute! Poor baby with all of those appointments.