Saturday, November 14, 2009

That's our Finley!

If someone would have told me what Finley would be like - I would have never believed it. She is sweet, and funny, and has a personality that would knock your socks off.

But sometimes.......she is just......Finley.

Yesterday she was getting down off a stool at our bar after eating dinner. She didn't have a napkin handy, so she wiped her face on the cabinets. Just walked right by them, wiped her mouth, and kept on going. Mat and I looked at each other in disbelief.

Today in the car, she used a magazine as a kleenex.

And when I asked her what she wanted from Santa Claus this year? She said - a cookie.

She keeps us in stitches, if nothing else.

I am sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I got a cold on Wednesday, and have been feeling under the weather ever since. So not many pictures - I am very sorry!

Thursday was Finley's hearing appointment. Her appointment was at 9am, and I figured we would be done and out of there by 10am. I had taken a half day off from work, and planned on going in during the afternoon. At 12:00pm, we were STILL at the appointment! So, needless to say, I lost the whole day.

But - the appointment went well. Finley had a hearing test first. The audiologist found that she has a large amount of wax build up. This is always the case with her. We have had her ears cleaned out by doctor's on a regular basis, and nothing seems to keep it at bay. So, she did show mild hearing loss during the first test. The audiologist was confident it was due to her large wax build up. Since she has low vision, they did a test where every time she heard the sound, she dropped a toy in a bucket. This is different than what they do for Cainan. Cainan gets a visual cue after he hears the sound, but they were pretty sure Finley wouldn't be able to locate it outside of her tunnel vision.

The only draw back to doing the test this way - it took FOREVER. Finley had a great time, and had no problems understanding the directions, but what normally takes about 15 minutes for Cainan, took almost 1 hour with her. After that was done, we went over for her appointment with the ENT. She was running really behind. We were in a Children's Hospital, so Finley had enough to entertain her. The ENT looked in her ears and concurred with the audiologist that the wax was probably causing the hearing loss. She cleaned Finley's ears out, and what came out of her ears could have made a candle! I couldn't believe it!! Poor thing. The doctor said she probably needs to have her ears cleaned out on a regular basis by herself or the pediatrician. She gave me some things to try at home (which we have used in the past), and hopefully that will help. We will be repeating the hearing test in January, and if that turns out okay, the ENT feels like she won't need to see her again for at least 1 year. Unless we feel like anything with her hearing has changed.

So check another off our list! Cardiologist - good. ENT - good. Kidneys - good.
That wraps up everything the geneticist should need for our upcoming appointment in December.

Since I had a bad cold, I wasn't too sad that I missed work on Thursday. I got a chance to rest during the afternoon while Finley napped.

Friday - still feeling under the weather - but back to work. Friday night after putting the kids to bed, Mat and I did our online Christmas shopping for the kids and family. We have done this the last couple of years. We love Ama* LOVE it. I am not a big fan of tackling the mall or toy stores around this time of year, and so we try to avoid it as much as possible. So that was a great job done!

Today we went to the outlets near our house. We are taking a family picture over Thanksgiving with my brother and his family. We decided on black shirts and jeans. I thought it would be hard to find Black for the girls, but I did well with them. But Cainan? No luck! I couldn't believe it. But being at the outlets, in the rain and wind, was not fun for me. The kids had a blast - touching all of the clothes, riffling through the shoes. Cainan was a big fan of the boots in each store and would take a pair off and want to take them with him. They were pretty good, but it wasn't relaxing. We only were there about 1 hour, and that was plenty!

This afternoon Mat and I did a little more toy shopping but had to (gasp) go to the toy store. We had our wonderful new babysitter come and stay with the kids. We got to go shopping alone and actually have an adult conversation for almost 3 hours. It was great! The toy store was really crowded, and we weren't that successful. But it was nice to be out.

Tonight we brought home a catalog for the toy store, and Finley and Cainan went through it about 25,000 times. Arlington is confident in her wants, so she didn't need to look.

Cainan had a great time telling me what he doesn't have, and does have, and does want, etc.

Finley kept saying "this is small enough to fit in Santa's sleigh, right? This is too big for Santa's sleigh, right?"
Finley got a pair of skeleton pajamas while we were out shopping today.

I am pretty sure they are boys, but she didn't care. Since she is really into skeletons this year, she had to have them. She couldn't wait to put them on. Then she put on a mask that her Aunt Jess sent the kids for Halloween.

This should have been her costume this year!

Tomorrow is church, a new members class at our church, and that is about it! This is our last full week of school before Thanksgiving! Yay!

Have a great weekend and I will see you Tuesday.

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