Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VisionWalk 2010 (a loaded blog post)

Most of you will remember that we walked in a walk last year on Finley's behalf. It is called Vision Walk and it is sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Last year, we walked in Boston, but this year we have decided to walk in Pennsylvania with some of our friends and family. We will walk on October 2nd in Pittsburgh.

We have already started our fundraising efforts, and have set up a page where you can donate to our team. Go HERE to visit our page. (click on the word "here"). Every dollar goes toward retinal research, for kids like Finley who have Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) and other retinal diseases.

The hope is that one day there will be a cure. For Finley, we are hopeful that cure comes so that she does not go totally blind. As we watch her vision diminish, we have a hard time realizing that completely blindness may be in Finley's near future.

So we ask for your help. Help us save Finley's sight. Make a donation to a great foundation.

We also want to develop a large team this year, so if you want to walk with us, contact me. Leave a comment below and I can get back to you.

We will also be getting long sleeve t-shirts with the Finley Fighter's logo:

They will be be $11 ($11.50 if you buy them online using paypal). Even if you don't walk and would like a shirt, let me know or go to our website HERE and sign up for one! The more we get the word out, the better the chance for a cure. You can even pay for a shirt and a magnet right on the site - so easy!

On my Foundations Fighting Blindness Vision Walk page, you will find the details of a BBQ we are doing this summer in Pennsylvania. Go HERE: (click on "here" to take you to our page). The information about the BBQ is there. We hope everyone will join us! It is going to be a really great time and you have a chance to win a prize with your donation!!

The date of the BBQ will be July 17th. There will be good food, good times, and you will get a chance to meet the kids. We will be taking orders for shirts and handing out Finley Fighter magnets to everyone who comes. Did I mention you can win a prize?? You can sign up right here on our blog - isn't that so cool? (blog continues after the huge insert - I don't know how to make it smaller) In order to read the whole thing - go to the bottom of this green section, and use the bar to move the page over some. Sorry about that - Mat is working on it.

Help us to change Finley's future. We know that even blind, she is going to have an awesome life. But we are working hard to decrease the challenges that complete blindness is going to bring to her. We are hopeful for a cure. We know they are close. But we need your help!

You can also visit our website for updates on the BBQ. Go HERE (click on word "HERE" and it will take you to our website). You can also sign up there for the BBQ and a shirt if you want!

So check out our page HERE! And join us for Vision Walk on October 2nd in Pittsburgh.


See if the words "I can't..." or "Too hard..." should still be in your vocabulary after watching this BLIND from birth 19 year old in the video below.

It is truly amazing what God can gift someone to do despite ANY difficulty. What's "too hard" for you today? What "can't" you accomplish for God and family?

This could be our little Finley some day. Of course.....we would have to buy a piano first.....

**I am not blogging Saturday - we may go to 6 Flags for the day. So I will see you next week!

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