Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another IEP under our belt

Well, it is done.  We had our annual IEP meeting this past Tuesday for Finley.  I won't say much because that tends to get me in trouble, but Mat and I are in agreement that we are moving in the right direction.  We got most of the things we wanted into the IEP, and the school is working on the other things in ways they feel is a good compromise.  I wasn't 100% satisfied with the meeting, but I was 80%.

My saving graces will always be her Teacher for the Vision impaired and her Orientation and Movement specialist.  I trust them both very much and I think they are great.  And her teacher this year has also been great.  She is very warm, and understanding, and very sweet to Finley.  We have had an overall much better year because of her and I wish I could take her with us to second grade.  We will be having her same aide next year, so that will help ease the pain of getting a new teacher.

Yes, we are going to second grade.  I wish I could tell you I am 100% sure of that decision, like Mat is.  I am about 85% there.  I think it is my constant worry about Finley in general that makes that other 15% stick around.  Every day is so different with Finley's vision, that I send her off not knowing what kind of school day she will have.

So...we are getting there.  I think each year the school will learn a little more about us, and we will learn a little more about them.

Moving on.

We are really in fundraising mode right now.  The last few weeks I feel like I might start to drown, and now I feel myself going under.  As we get closer to the June 15th race, and get deeper into preparation for the August 24th race, I sometimes just walk in circles around the house trying to decide what to do.  Very productive, I know.  Race registrations are pouring in for the Massachusetts race and we are gathering things together for the absolutely huge basket raffle.  We are sorting volunteers and hanging signs.  Banners are going up and the town will be seeing "Finley's Fighters" everywhere over the next few weeks.  It is exciting and terrifying all at once.

Today, though, a nice surprise was at my door when I arrived home.  A local pottery artist - Lemonbee Pottery - made me the most beautiful pieces to raffle of in our basket raffle.  Take a look:

Aren't they amazing?  Beautiful color and handcrafted magic.  The thing in the middle is a little cupcake colder - isn't it adorable?  There is a berry strainer, and a soap holder.  All amazing.  Someone very lucky is going to win these!


Penny said...

She will do great as long as she gets the support and materials she needs thats less a grade issue and more a new classroom issue. It feels like I "retrain" a new teacher each year. No mater what the IEP says its the same story every single year. I am honest if you ever want/need another parent at an IEP meeting and I got enough warning I would be more than happy to come down for it.

Anonymous said...

May 28. 2013

I hope you are all feeling a lot better today. (smile) that's how I feel. hehe.

It is 85 degrees up here for our summer and has been like this for a whole week. We will take it when it comes, summer is great! For 8 months of the year it's cold and wintery, so sun is always a good thing.

Have a sunny summer.Bye for now.

your friend:
Shayla M.