Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Camera

The memory card for my new camera arrived yesterday, so we have been busy playing with it.  Arlington loves the same feature I do - the continuous shutter speed so that I can take up to 30 pictures in a row without stopping.  We needed this because Finley never stands still.  Even when I want her to.  So hopefully this will eliminate me having to take 50 different pictures of her if I can just snap away and get one good one!

The camera is wonderful.  Anything is better than a dying camera at this point.  I can still see my first digital camera 12 years ago - the one Mat bought me when he told me we were moving to California.  The thing weighed a ton, had a 3x zoom (which was huge then) and it was $1200.  Now I can get basically 10x the camera for 1/2 the price.

Great birthday present!

 Arlington dressed herself.  Just so we are clear:

 Rosie taking a jump onto the couch:

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jennohara said...

Great pictures! Funny because I bought a camera with the continuous shutter too for Hanna! It's her eyes I had to catch, and the fast speed does the trick!