Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is our first full week of summer.  Saturday night the kids wanted to camp out in the yard.  Mat put up the tent and went out with them and I stayed in the air conditioning with the TV and the snacks.
 Dancing to the song in her head:
 Captain Pre-Teen:

 Who gave her a hammer?
 Aren't you loving Cainan's outfit?  His dad told him to dress in layers - even though it was 80 degrees - so there you have it:
 They are all so weird:

Sunday we went to our first minor league baseball game here in Massachusetts.  We went to see the Spinners, which is the minor league team of the Boston Red Sox.  I would like to say that the team won, but they did not.  They weren't very good!  But we still had fun.  We went because Cainan's tee-ball league was going to get a chance to be on the field before the game started, and he was excited about that.
 Cainan going to first base:
 Cainan running around the bases:
 Cainan rounding to home plate:

Monday was the start of our summer schedule.  This always gets mixed reviews, but we are a disciplined family and our kids need structure.  So every summer - so they don't eat me out of house and home - we make a snack chart.  Chores equal goodies!  Don't worry - they get as many fruits and veggies that they want without question, but when it comes to the goodies they crave - they have to work for it.  And it does work.
 We also stick to a schedule of sorts.  It changes every day - sometimes hour by hour - depending on what we are doing.  We are in a long stretch of rainy days, and our neighborhood kids are in camp during the day - so I have to keep them busy.  So they don't fight.  Or bug me.
Monday we also had terrible weather.  To the point that we got a robo-call from our local police that a tornado had been spotted and that we needed to seek shelter immediately.  So - we spent a few hours in out basement watching movies, eating snacks, reading, and trying to wait out the storm.
Monday was also my birthday.  I am 38 years old now - a little too close to 40 for my liking.  Time goes by way too fast.  I have noticed that I really can't eat what I like any more without it showing around the middle, and I don't move as easily as I did.  But I still feel very lucky and don't feel any where near 40.

I did get beautiful flowers from Mat, and we went out to dinner.  And my present this year is my new camera.  My current camera is 6 years old, and has taken over 60,000 pictures.  So - it is time for retirement.  I am just waiting on my memory card, and then I can start to use it!

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July 2nd, 2013

Cool I am glad you all are having fun, Happy fourth of July!!