Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Annual Dinner Dance

Each year, one of our powerhouse families in our RDH12 Foundation does a dinner dance.  They always raise an incredible amount of money for our group, and we have attended the last three years.  We have so much fun, and are so glad that the kids get a chance to play together.

Last night was this year's dinner dance, and this year the Fiore family raised over $26,000 for our Foundation.  Amazing.  We had a great time, and I took some pictures.

We are so grateful for them.  We are so happy that Bella and Finley will grow up knowing each other and being able to share with each other what they are going through.  No one will understand them like they understand them.  So very lucky.

Enjoy the pictures!  The event was beautiful, the food amazing, and the kids had a blast.

The three lovely ladies.  Finley is participating in a Flat Stanley project, so he came along:
 Cainan and A:
 The girls held hands all night:
 The hors d'oeuvres table gets set up:
 The basket raffle table - there were over 50 of them!

 The room was huge, and beautiful:

 Mike and Maria - Bella's parents:

 Finley watching it rain outside one of the big windows:
 The three girls:

 Arlington took our picture:

 This girl barely sat down all night.  She just wanted to dance:

 Mike and Maria talking about the Research:
 Maria giving an update on Bella:
 Bella's teacher for the vision impaired.  We would be lost without our TVIs:

 Bella and her TVI:
 The crowd:

 The ice cream bar!

 The morning after:

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Shayla McCartney said...


I love the pictures and it looks like you all had a great time! I love the pretty dresses-Bella's and Finley's are so cute! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing time!

Friend, Shayla