Thursday, September 18, 2014

A few odds and ends

September tends to be one of the busiest months around here.  We are getting used to routines and school schedules, activities, and homework.  So I have not been a good blogger.

So I just have a few pictures to share that we took over the last couple of weeks.  Our foundation is also gearing up for our biggest campaign to date, so that has also been taking up a large amount of our time.
Enjoy the pictures!

Finley off to school on a warm morning.  I love this little dress, so I had to take her picture
Arlington on Picture day.  This is as good as it gets when you are in Middle School 
 Finley on a school morning.  I love this outfit - cost $20 from head to toe!!  I am a bargain hunter.  The dress and leggings are from Gymboree and the shoes are Michael Kors!
 We did an office makeover.  I decided that with all the kids doing nightly homework now, we needed a place downstairs where I could see them and help them if needed.  So I brought their desks down from their rooms, and we re-arranged the office.  It looks really good and is working very well.
 Finley started Ballet this year.  (along with tap and jazz).  Her first class was this past week.  She was pretty excited to start (but I secretly think she likes the outfits the best)
We cleared a very large section of the woods.  We are going to be putting in a fire pit and fire pit area.  I got covered in poison ivy, oak, and sumac, but the area looks great!
We took the kids to where Mat works on the Pfizer/MIT campus.  They enjoyed walking around.  And then we ended the evening with having dinner at a Chinese Restaurant that makes homemade dumplings.

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Anonymous said...

Sept 18 2014
What great pictures the yard and your home looks great!
Finley is beautiful in get ballet outfit :)
I took it when I was 7 it was so cool!
I'm glad the kiddos had a great time thanks for sharing the pictures!