Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer 2014 Photoshoot

I am a little late this year in getting the kids pictures taken, but I did it before school started, so that should be a win.

The kids are getting so big.  The girls really don't WANT me to take their pictures, but too bad.  We have there three photos in our bedroom and each year we change them.  So that is why I take the pictures.

I am not a photographer, but I do enjoy taking the kids pictures each year.  Enjoy!

 I think this is the one we are going to use:

 Miss Goofy

 Cainan's turn!

 Arlington's up!

 I think we are going to use this one.

 Or maybe this one.....


Anonymous said...

They have changed so much! Such beautiful kids !

Friend, Shayla <3

Anonymous said...

Is Finleys vision stable still?
I pray :)

God bless!