Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow. Lots of it

Yesterday we got hammered with a snow storm.  A blizzard.  We get at least one big storm a year here in Massachusetts, but this one made history.

Massachusetts is a little state, but weather can pack a punch on us up here.  The city of Boston got it bad, but the worst is the coast.  They have power outages, flooding, 2 feet of snow, and just a total mess.

We are a little north/west of Boston, and we were in a thick band of snow.  Our little area of the state got the most snow.  Aren't we lucky?  Yeah - I can feel the love.

In the end we got about 35 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.  Crazy.  It is so much snow that every time we went out to deal with it, we couldn't decide where to start.  The dogs sunk in and we couldn't even see them.  It was almost up to my waist in our back yard.  The snow drifts are 4-5 feet high.  Just crazy.

Luckily, we didn't lose our power.  It is a light and fluffy snow, so that made a big difference.  IT blew everywhere, though - just causing all kind of wind and snow drifts.  And the temperatures were very low - in the teens with wind chills in the minus numbers.


It took Mat the better part of the day to clear the driveway.  And it just kept snowing.  The kids went out in short burst - enjoying the depth of the snow.

I took a few pictures, so enjoy!

Trying to walk though the back yard:
 Sitting in the snow on the back porch

 The back porch - crazy.
 Mat getting ready to plow the driveway.  We had to dig a little path to get the tractor out first!
 The garage

 Trying to walk through the yard:

 Snow on the back porch just keeps getting higher:

 I stayed inside while these nutballs went out to play

 Snow was higher than our dogs

 Snow bunnies

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