Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Catch Up

We went away for the Christmas Holiday - visited our families in Pennsylvania.  And then we came back and jumped right back into a busy school week.  So I haven't had time to post the last of our pictures from our vacation.

We had a nice time.  It was a nice break and the kids had fun with cousins and family, and we got to relax......some.  We are now back to the daily grind until mid-February when the kids will be off for their Winter Break.

Enjoy the pictures!

The first set are pictures from my parent's house - getting presents from them:

 Quilt I made my mom - it has the hand and foot prints of all her grandchildren, and their names and birthdates
The next day, we had my brother, sister in law, and two nephews over to open presents with them.  My kids were so excited to be able to play with their cousins.  Especially Cainan who was desperate for some boy time:

 Mat and my nephew work on one of his new science kits:

The next day we went into Pittsburgh to see the Santas from around the world, and handmade gingerbread houses, and the beautiful flowers at the Phipps Conservatory:

 The Christmas Witch from Italy:

 France Santa

 Chinese Santa:

 Outside at the ice rink:
 Large nativity
 Phipps Conservatory:

Glass flowers:

Then the next day, we headed to Mat's parents to have Christmas with them:
New Year's day in Mat's dad's birthday - so we celebrated the big 72 with him:

 We got to spent time with my niece, Olive - who celebrated her first Christmas:
 More presents!

 My mother in law made a quilt out of all of Finley's race shirts.  It is beautiful:

She wanted Julie this year
I made my mother in law a quilt like I made my mom.  She has 14 grandchildren, so it is much bigger!
Playing a card game with the family:

the full quilt:

The girls going through my grandmother's jewelry box


Anonymous said...


I love the pictures! You all have a very nice family from the looks of things :) I think the quilt is very beautiful
Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Happy new year to you all!


Anonymous said...

hope you all have a good week!