Monday, June 15, 2015

Return to blogging

Well - as usual, it has been awhile.  With running a very large fundraiser over the last few months, this poor blog has gotten neglected.  I have two more books to review, and a slew of pictures to share from our latest event for Finley.

We had our largest attended fundraiser to date on June 7th in our hometown.  It was amazing.  We had 523 people attend.  We had a 5K run/walk and a 1 mile fun run plus a picnic and music, and baskets, and was an amazing day.  We got very lucky with the weather, and we have gotten a lot of compliments on how fun the day was.

We raised $20,000 for our foundation which was the most amazing part.  $20,000 closer to that goal for a cure.

Here are a few pictures.  We had so many that day, (two photographers with over 1000 photos), but most of them will be on our facebook Finley's Fighters page if you want to check them our here:

Enjoy some of my favorites!

My brother in law, Tom, helps put out the cones for the race:
 Directing traffic to go around the race start line.  I was happy when the police showed up to take over.
 Hanging the banner at the start line.
 Our blind running friend, Erich.  He has retinitis pigmentosa whih is basically the adult onset version of LCA.

 The 5K runners/walkers line up.

 Off they go!
 Our sponsors.  We couldn't pull of this size of an event without them.

 Our blind friend, Erich, was also the drummer in the band!

 The police blocked off the roads for the race, and we were very grateful for their support!

 Even the doggies got in on the fun.
 Some of our winners:

 My newest cousin made the trip

 We had the band, and basket raffle, a bounce house, a photo booth, nail painting, hair feathers, hair chalk, face was fun for all.

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