Saturday, January 5, 2008

First week as SAHM

Well, I survived! This was an easy start to my new job as stay at home mom. (SAHM). I only had Arlington. VPK is still not in session due to the fact of Christmas vacation down here lasts two whole weeks. I am sure other parents like myself are going a little crazy having thier kids home for so long. Arlington is bored and misses her friends and is looking forward to Monday. The babies were in school this week due to the fact that I had to give a two week notice. They will go next week as well, and then that will be the end. I can drop them off on an as needed basis for a daily cost, which I will need to do on days Cainan has appointments with the surgeon. Those are really long days and managing all the kids would be trying on anyone's nerves.

Not much exciting happened to report this week. Cainan is doing well. He has learned a lot of body parts and is really working on saying book and baby. He can say "eye", and he attempts a good many words. He is still feeling under the weather. His fever is gone but he has a terrible cough. Poor guy just can't get pasts these viruses. I am hoping having him at home will help. He is going to be circumcised in late January, so he needs to be well for that surgery. At least that is outpatient and quick. We are working on Cainan walking over things. He doesn't like to step on things or barrel them out of the way like the girls. He looks for any way he can to step AROUND things. So we block his way at every chance to get him to just step over the object. And I mean things like pillows and toys. You would think, though, the way he cries about it, I am asking him to step on glass. Day by day.

Finley is doing well. She seems to be getting a little cold. I am sure Cainan gave it to her, but it just seems to be a runny nose at this point and she is a little cranky. Hopefully it won't last long. Each day she wakes up and asks for her sister. She is funny. I go into her room and she says "sissy?" Nice. I wish Arlington could take over changing her diaper! She says "blankie", "chair", "baby no", "mine".

Arlington and I spent a lot of time on her workbooks this week. We are working on learning some new words to lead to reading. It is hard for her, but she is starting to get it. This week she learned 6 new words. Let's just hope she retains them. One of the words she learned was "come". I told her the word when she first saw it, and when I went back to it and said, "Arlington, what is this word?", she said "come on". She said it about 15 times. I guess she hears me say "Come on Arlington" about 50 times a day. She thought that "come on" was one word! Silly girl. She also asked today why Santa doesn't wrap the presents. She is still stuck on questions about him and how his operation works. She has been really playing with the babies this week. She is so excited to see them when I pick them up from daycare that she will spend hours playing with them. They, of course, love that! I am glad to see them form such great sibling bonds. They will be friends forever.

This week is my last week of "peace". Monday Cainan has occupational therapy and an appointment with the orthopedist. Tuesday Cainan has speech therapy and Finley has her 18 month appointment. Wednesday I have to get a PPD test (even though I am technically not working any more as a nurse, my job has me on inactive status, so I still need to keep up with their requirements). Thursday, peace and quiet. Friday I have to take the van to the shop for a routine checkup. Fun week, huh? We lead such unexciting lives.

Here are a few pictures to share! I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Donna said...

Hi Jen! Glad to hear the first week was okay. Sorry to hear about your job. I know you loved it!

BTW, Santa does wrap the gifts at our house. We just always make sure he has his own paper! Has Arlington seen Polar Express? Those Santa gifts are wrapped I recall. Did she notice? She seems very observant!