Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am mommy, I am tired!

Okay, all of you stay at home moms out there. Why didn't you warn me about how much more tired I was going to be staying home with the kids than working? This is truth! I am sore, and tired, and slightly crazy. I am sore because all I do is chase kids, pick up kids, clean up after kids, lift kids onto and off a changing table all day long. And I am tired because of the above and the hours I am trying to keep! AND, I am crazy because - well - of all the above.

Luckily for me I have a wonderful husband. I don't tell him that enough, that is for sure. When I want to sell all the kids - put them in the front yard with a sign "free to a good home" (just kidding) he is there to comfort me. He is he calm, rational one of the group. Thank goodness there is one! He always takes my side and I love that about him. He is making this whole new adventure doable for me. :)

Anyway, we had a nice weekend and are having a pretty good week so far. Sunday we just stayed around the house. We were planning on going to the beach for the morning to let the kids run around, but we woke up to an ugly, rainy, cold day. What a bummer! So we stayed inside all day and the kids went basically nuts. We couldn't even go outside to the backyard - yuck! We were glad when bedtime came!

Monday was no pre-kindergarten due to the holiday and Cainan had occupational therapy. Mat stayed home from work in the morning with the girls since having all three at the therapy would have been a challenging hour. The therapist was very pleased with how he was doing and saw a lot of progress in the use of his hands and crawling with his hands open and doing sensory things, so she thinks we can see her every 3 weeks for now. Yeah! She said when he turns two we may have to go back to every 2 weeks because of something or other that I can't remember right now, but for now, we have a little more freedom. That will helped a lot, especially with doing speech therapy every week. After we got home from therapy, Mat went on to work and we played inside (still raining) and then the kids took a rest. Although, Cainan decided that a short nap was in order for him, and after 1 hour, 15 minutes - he was up! He woke up crying, which he never does, and that is usually an indication he isn't done sleeping. Cainan and Finley both sleep between 2 1/2 to 3 hours for their naps. So I tried to resettle him, but that just made him more upset - he wanted out! In the meantime, he was so loud that he woke up Finley and she was not happy! UGH! For those of you who know Finley, you know that girl needs her sleep. She is always the last kid up in the morning and the last kid up from nap. So now I have two unhappy babies. Fun times! So we didn't have a great afternoon. And by the evening, even Arlington was crazy. She didn't want what we were having for dinner, and refused to eat and just sobbed and sobbed. By 7:15, we had all had enough, so everyone got a bath and went to bed. Usually bed time is 7:45, anyway, so what is an extra half and hour? It ended up being the right decision because no one got up before 7am this morning.

Today was much better. We were off to a good start because everyone was rested. Arlington and Finley went to school all day. Now, even though I am home with the kids, if I need a day at the school to drop kids off, say, if Cainan has an appointment, etc, I can do that. So Finley, was not excited that she was being left, but ended up having a fun day. Cainan had a helmet appointment today and I didn't want to take Finley all the way to Fort Lauderdale for this appointment. She hates riding in the car, so I decided that trying to take Cainan was enough. Arlington stayed at school all day and I picked up the girls at 4:30.

Cainan's appointment went well. We were released from the helmet all together! Yeah! For the last month he has only been wearing it for naps and at night, and now, we are officially done. So glad! They scanned his head in the beginning and then again today, and there is definitely a difference in his head! He is nice and round now. I scanned the picture and will try and put it below so you can see the before and after. We are very pleased. I didn't remember how flat it was until she showed me the "before" scan.

So that is our happenings so far this week. Tomorrow Mat's Aunt Betty is coming in for a visit and is staying with us through Monday. We didn't get to spend a lot of time with her over Christmas, and since she traveled with Mat to China to get Cainan, I know she would like to spend some more time with him. We are excited that she is coming in! Arlington is looking forward to seeing her as are we!

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

First I will post Cainan's scan. Picture on the left - before. Picture on the right - after. If you click on the picture, that will make it bigger! Below will be more pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Well, welcome to the world of the stay at home Mom. Believe me, I know how you feel. Shane always wants to switch places with me, and stay at home with the kids, cause it is so easy.....LOL. I can't even go shopping without having one of the kids with me, he can't handle them for even 30 mins! I'd love to see him last a whole day without me. If you ever need easy meal ideas, I got a ton that I use. Mostly Crock pot, or one dish easy meals, that can switch things up a bit. www.allrecipes.com has sa lot of good ideas too! We hope to hear from you soon!