Saturday, January 26, 2008

Visit from Family

We have been having a nice visit with Mat's aunt Betty. It has been a lot of fun having her here and I really enjoy the company during the day and the extra help with the kids. She is staying until Monday, and I will be sad to see her go!

We have been keeping busy just running after the kids. Thursday Finley had a cardiology appointment and that was just fine. The pediatrician had heard a heart murmur and wanted it checked out, and it turned out to be an innocent murmur just like Cainan's. She had an ultrasound done and she was very good for it - I was surprised. She just laid and let them do their job. I was glad for the good news.

Friday we had another playdate with our friend Tracy and her little girl that she adopted from China. We had a great time. Aunt Betty was glad for a chance to visit with both of them because she had traveled with them to China. It was a fun morning.

Today was spent doing yard work. We had wanted to put some new plants in our backyard and today was the day! We were glad for Aunt Betty's help - she loves to work out doors. We completed as much as we could and had the kids outside playing with us. The weather was near the 80s, and so they had their bathing suits on and were playing in the sprinkler and sand/water table. They had a blast. We were out there for a long time, so they should sleep well tonight!

So that is our happenings. Not a very eventful week, but fun none the same. Tomorrow is Cainan's baptism, and we are looking forward to that. I wanted to plan it around Aunt Betty's visit because she was so involved in his adoption. It makes it even more special to have her here.

The kids are doing great. Cainan is starting to figure out the "p" sound, and "s" sound. He also learned to blow raspberries! Too cute. I will have to video tape it - it is funny!

Finley is her regular cute self. We are working on shapes and letters. She would rather not, but we are trying anyway! She is so different than Arlington in that way! She has great language skills, but Arlington was much more into learning new things than Finley is! Today we were playing at the sand table outside and she took all the wet sand she could and stuffed it down her bathing suit until she was full of wet sand. It was gross and wet and yuck. But she thought she was hilarious!

Arlington is doing great. She is reading complete sentences now out of the words she knows. Today we did a hide and seek game with her words and she did really well - only missed a couple! She loves games. She is also working on her United States puzzle and knows most of the states now. She knows something about them as well. I hope her love of learning always continues. That will make homework much more managable!

So that is it. Here are some recent pictures. I find it funny that on Thursday when I took the first set of pictures, it was cool enough that we needed jackets outside and then today's pictures the kids are in bathing suits. Crazy weather! We live for the cooler days, though. They are too far and in between for my taste!


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