Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last post from West Palm Beach

Okay - so this post, unfortunately - will have to be short. It is late and we have been working all day to get ready for the movers tomorrow. We are tired, but I think we are ready. I don't ever think you are really ready to move. Did we pack everything? Do we have everything set aside for the car ride? We did get a call from the moving company today that said they have enough people to help tomorrow that they think they can get us packed all in one day! So tomorrow evening at this time, we should be all packed up. We still aren't loading the moving truck until Friday, and the kids are scheduled for daycare all day Thursday, so....... we are going to run some errands, have lunch with friends and maybe catch a movie. There is a chance that the movers may have to finish up on Thursday, but we won't know that until they start working tomorrow. They are coming between 8-10am (of course, a time window), so if they come early, they should be done. We will see!

The babies and Arlington are going to daycare/preschool for the next three days all day. They are not going to be very happy, but honestly, they will have more fun there. It is going to be chaos here tomorrow and Thursday and Friday would be really boring for them with all of their toys packed!

So a quick recap. Sunday was a great mother's day. We just relaxed and enjoyed spending time together. Arlington's best little friend had spent the night, so we enjoyed playing in the morning and then at lunch time we took all the kids to lunch before taking Arlington's little friend home. They were both upset about separating. I am not sure how much the little girls mom has told her about our move. But Arlington was pretty upset. Poor thing. We had put together a photo album of all the pictures the two girls had taken together over the last 4 years, and gave them to her. Plus Arlington drew her a bunch of pictures. That helped a little. But this was my first mother's day with all of my children, so that was extra special. We had a great day.

Monday I went out to dinner with my friend Kathi. It was a girls night out to say goodbye. We hit our fav - PF Changs. We chatted (Kathi is getting married in a few weeks) and said our goodbyes. I hate that part! Kathi and I met here in Florida. She used to live across the street, but has recently moved to a near by neighborhood with her fiance. I am so excited for her that she is getting married and totally bummed that I am going to miss all that excitement. We had a great time.

Today was a whole day of cleaning and organizing and putting last things in order. As of tomorrow, we will be living out of a suitcase until the 27th of May. Not the fun part, but doable. I look around the house - the house where I first brought Finley home from the hospital. The first house Cainan lived in. All of the personal touches we have put on it. How everything feels comfortable here. I am actually going to miss this house for a lot of reasons. It is going to be weird to pull away Friday night and not come back. Not look out at the lake from Finley's room when I am changing her. Not sit on the back porch and watch the ducks and large birds on the lake. Etc., etc. But this is a good move for us. It is right and the timing, for once, is right. We need to go for our family.

Anyway, I looked at our hotels, and I think I am going to be able to post on my regular Saturday and Tuesday from the road. If you don't hear from me is because I couldn't get internet access. But I will try to keep you posted from the road.

I did manage to finish the top of Arlington's quilt for her new room! I am very proud that I was able to do that while we were packing up. I will make Finley one that looks the exact same once we get there. I just wanted to make sure it was going to be right before I left the place I bought the material. I took a picture below.

One last mention - today is 9 months since Cainan was adopted. The first time Mat met him. What a wild 9 months it has been for him!

Goodbye for now. We say goodbye to West Palm Beach. And for all of our friends we have here, we say Until Next Time......

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