Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fun weekend

We are in full swing of our weekend. We are on the real count down to less than two weeks before we move, so we are busy busy. Here is a quick low down to our week

Wednesday was Cainan's CT scan. It was not fun, but was successful. We had to be there at 9:30 for a 10am sedation. Cainan is really great about not having anything to eat and not minding. I woke him at 5:30 and gave him a whole cup of juice – that was the last time he was allowed to have anything. So we were called back at 10am, but because we had to have an IV put in, it is almost 11am when the sedation starts. Poor guy. But he was a trooper. But it took about the max amount of medication he was allowed for his weight to get him sedated. He was really freaking out on the table. He does not like to have his legs held or his head held in place. It makes me wonder what they did to him in the orphanage. So finally after a lot of tears, sweating, fighting, he gives in. He falls asleep, the scan takes about 30 seconds, they get what they need. As soon as were finished and were unstrapping him from the table, he woke up and started screaming like he never stopped. But as soon as I picked him up, he was all better and we were out of there ½ hour, 6 crackers and 8 ounces of juice later.

Thursday was speech therapy for Cainan. Mat decided to work from home in the morning so he stayed with Finley and I went to therapy with Cainan in peace. It was nice! The first half of the session he goes in alone and works, and I wait outside. Then I go in and hear what went on and what we should work on for the next week. The therapist thinks he is progressing very well. She doesn't think he will have the nasality that comes along with some kids with cleft. He is still figuring out how to say some words, but they get better with practice and that is encouraging. He is behind Finley in language, but he quickly catching up.

Then after therapy, the nanny who used to watch Finley and Arlington came by for a visit. She recently moved to the Bahamas and when she comes back to Florida to visit she always stops by to see the kids. She really spent Finley's whole first year of life with her, and Finley adored her. It has been a few months since we have seen her, and it took Finley a little while to warm up. But soon she was cuddling with her buddy and Lucyette couldn't have been happier! I took a picture of them together and it is below. She is coming back on Sunday afternoon to babysit for us while the kids nap so that Mat and I can go to the movies. We are in heaven! We wish she still lived close. She is really great with our kids.

Friday was a playdate in the morning with our friend Tracy and her daughter that she adopted from China. We had a great time as usual! We played at Tracy's house this time. Tracy and her family just recently took a trip to Ireland and Paris, so we got to hear all about the trip and I was very jealous. They had a great time. We have one more playdate with them before we leave. We are very sad that we won't be seeing them weekly any more. Tracy and Tim and their little girl are a great family and we became fast friends. But we spent the morning with them catching up and playing. It was great.

Then Friday afternoon we saw Lucyette (our nanny) again for an hour so she and I could take the babies to the playground. They loved that. Arlington also left around that time to go on her sleep over with her best little friend. She was so excited. She paced around all afternoon waiting until the time came for her to go. Every minute passed like eternity for her. She had her suitcase packed and ready to go!

Friday night Mat and I decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants – the Crab House- while we only had the babies to deal with. It was nice going with one kid per parent! We had a lot of people stop by our table checking out the babies, and believe it or not, not one of them thought they were twins. Thank goodness! But they were very curious about Cainan. One person even had a personal story of how her son and his wife had recently decided to adopt. But we had yummy food and were home in time just to put the babies to bed.

Today was the annual beach picnic for Mat's current job. The kids love the beach. Well, Finley and Arlington love the beach – Cainan takes a little while to get warmed up to the sand and HATES the water. But we ate and mingled and then took the kids down to the water. Arlington, the fish, went right in and Mat and she had a great time. The babies and I played in the sand and then went down to wash off and check out the water before going home. Finley went in with Mat and once she realized she wasn't going to be harmed, she liked it. She kept calling it “bath”. She is a weirdo. Cainan screamed his head off. We wanted to wash the sand off, and he wanted no part of it. The water just came up to touch his toes and Mat was hold his hand. As soon as the water touched him, he lifted both feet off the ground and dangled there by his arm. It was quite funny. He is going to be a gymnast! We came home around 1:30 and put the kids to bed. Even Arlington was tired and slept this afternoon. We spent the afternoon getting a few more things organized for our move.

Tonight we are just relaxing and Mat and I have rented “27 Dresses” We have not watched a lot of good movies lately, so we will see. We have seen “The Mist” - really terrible ending, “Cloverfield” - not that great could have been better, “Michael Clayton” - not that great. So we will see. Tomorrow at the theater we are seeing “Ironman”. We are excited because 1 – we never get to go and 2 – it has gotten fantastic reviews. So we shall see.

So that is it! Next Saturday I will be writing for the very last Saturday at our house here in West Palm Beach. Sad. Not.

Enjoy the pictures.


Danielle said...

I loved 27 dresses. I feel so bad your little one had to be held down. I don't think any kid wwould like it very much- but you are so right to wonder about the orphanage. Every time I read your blog I am get such a fuzzy feeling thinking about adoption. My father and his 4 sisters all group up in orphanages and foster homes/ group homes etc. and had horrific things down to them. Adoption is something I have considered since I was little. Thanks for alwasy giving me the warm fuzzies!

Danielle said...

Hi! I gave you some bloggy bling and tagged you for a meme if you are interested.