Saturday, May 17, 2008

quick post

Hi there! We are officially on the road. I am writing from my sister-in-law's computer, so no pictures at this time. Hopefully by Tuesday's post I will be able to post. For some reason here at her house our computers will not log into their wireless network. So anyway, just a quick recap

Wednesday and Thursday went fine with the packing. IT was amazing to NOT have to pack a thing - they did it all. And they were fast! I was very impressed. They packed well over 160 of their own boxes and then we had a few boxes that they used. Plus then there was all of the loose stuff that couldn't go in boxes. Crazy. Anyway, it went fine.

Friday the movers came and loaded the truck. It took about 7 hours. They brought 4 people with them and they did a great job. As they packed I followed behind and cleaned. They were just about done in time for the 3pm walk through. That went just fine - no problems. We were out of the house by 4pm and said goodbye to our house one last time. It was just Mat and I -we decided to pick up the kids from school and just head out. We stopped at our friend Julie and Mike's so that Arlington could say goodbye to her friend and we could have dinner with them. That was a nice treat before we left for good. We were on the road to Jacksonville by 6:30pm and got to Jacksonville a little before 11pm. So overall a good day. The kids slept in the car and went back to sleep once we got to Jacksonville.

Arlington also had a school program on Friday at her school. It was really cute and we took a little video of it! If I can figure it out, we will post it on the blog after we get settled. She did a great job and it was fun.

Today we have spent the day relaxing in Jacksonville and enjoying our family's company. We are staying here until tomorrow after lunch and then heading to South Carolina. So far so good, so I hope it continues! We are so anxious to get there to Connecticut!

I will write more later!

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