Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fair warrior

Fair warrior - that is what Finley's name means in Scottish. That's her to a T, right? She is fair - such a beautiful little girl with big eyes and fair skin. And a warrior - right?? With all of those falls, she has to be! Our fair warrior has had quite a weekend again. No major injuries, but from what you will see from the pictures she is up to her clumsy tricks once again. Saturday she and Arlington were playing and they ran into each other. Arlington's hard head ran right into Finley's lip and it cut open and was bleeding all over the place. So now she has a fat lip and a big cut on it as well. Sunday Finley was sitting on our coffee table, and she just rolled right off and cut her finger. Just sitting there one minute and on the floor the next. Then today at daycare, she tripped over some blocks and cut her cheek. She is a mess. Her poor little face. And I DID have her sight checked and all was good! You wouldn't think it the way she falls. Tonight before bed she was just standing next to the bed, and the next minute she fell onto the floor. She wasn't even moving! And she gets SO frustrated with all of her falling. Poor thing - I do feel bad for her.

So that was our fair warrior's weekend. On a good note, she is up to 16 letters that she recognizes. That is a huge improvement since just Christmas. We have found a FABULOUS book that has caught her attention. It is called the Alphabet room. It is a GREAT book. I highly recommend it.

I also took a series of pictures of Finley at dinner the other night. She has the best faces. She makes tons of faces especially when she eats, I tried to capture some of them. I really need to video tape her. Then I can use it to torture her when she grows up. Here you go - the many faces of Finley (during dinner, hence her messy face)

Cainan is doing well. He was excited about going back to school today to see his friends after being gone a week. He dove right into saying "hi" to everyone that we passed, and playing with they toys. Tonight he held up a green lolipop and said "lolipop is green!" Whoo hoo!! It is so great when he makes a revalation! I know he will have those colors down before we know it.

Arlington read to us tonight. She read a large amount of her books, and we were so pleased. She really has it now. We also practiced a little bit of her piano. THAT was not as fun. She likes it, but she wants to play really fast. I have to admit I am going to stuggle being patient with that one. But we will keep trying. She seems to like it, and remembers everything my mom taught her last week.

Tonight we also went to see the bowling alley where she wants to have her party. It was very nice, very clean and she was so excited. So, tomorrow I am going to call and try and book it for her party and hope it is still available.

This was my first day of work this week. Yesterday was the holiday and today and tomorrow are half days for the kids. Nice way to start a week! I got a lot of work done after the kids left, and am looking forward to the same tomorrow. Today went by quickly, but I still had a little Kindergartener that made me laugh.:

Kindergartener: My forhead hurts
Me: What happened? Did you bump it?
Kindergartener: No - when I was a baby my ear hurt and the pain went up into my head and stayed there. And now when people make a lot of noise, it hurts my forehead.
Me: So you have a headache?
Kindergartener: No.....I have a problem with people being too loud.

What a hoot.

This weekend we also got another 6 inches of snow. Yeah. This is SO not funny. The people at work think this is hilarious for me. They keep saying, "you know, for 4-5 years we have not had a winter like this one. Good timing on your part." SO funny. We just keep piling snow on top of snow in our yard as we dig out because it has not been warm enough to melt. Dave, our fine neighbor, saw Mat digging out our driveway, AND our shared drive by hand and came out with his snow plow and did our private drive and our shared driveway. That was really nice of him. So.....Mat threw down the salt. :) Hey, those snow plows are stinking expensive! That will be a purchase for next year.

So that is about it. Right now I am watching the Inaugaration on TV. The ball, I should say. During the day I got to see President Obama sworn in and that was amazing. It gave me chills to watch our new president speak. His speech was wonderful. The number of people on the mall was unbelieveable. A teacher from our school was there. Somewhere! It was thrilling to watch our new president take office. And tonight while he was introduced at the ball, I was moved to see him dance with his wife and SO PROUD of America at that moment. This was an amazing day. I want my kids to grow up accepting EVERYONE. There race, sexual preference, amount of money they make - NONE of that should matter. I want my kids to be good people who treat everyone with respect. Unbiased prejudice will NEVER live in our house. NEVER.

Oh, and President Obama is left handed - just like me. And Mat. And Finley. THAT is really cool.

Arlington got into the car today and we had a conversation that went like this:

Arlington : I want to go home and watch Rock Obama on TV
Me: Barack, Arlington. But now, he is President Obama.
Arlington: right - we watched it at school. They are having a parade - I want to go home and watch the parade.
Me: sure - although, I don't think they are going to have floats......
Arlington: and his wife, Mrs. Obama - she is the first girl of the country now.
Me: First lady, that is right.
Arlington: Will she be in the parade?

I am glad she knows what is going on. She knew all about Martin Luther King, Jr. yesterday and knows that President Obama is our first African American president. Go Kindergarten.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy and I will see you Saturday!


Tara Bennett said...

Wow. Lots of good things going on over at your household. I love the slideshows! Thanks for sharing on Talk to Me Tuesday!

anymommy said...

I also have a problem with people being too loud! Precious.

Michelle said...

Hey, I have that same problem as that student, where people are just too loud... Or maybe they just talk too much.

Lesa said...

Life is so good! Kids are so darn cute with all they say.
Mike told me last night that he was so proud of America right now!!
Who knows this may open a door to a Chinese American being President one day. It is just amazing how things have turned out.

Carrie said...

I gave you an award! Check it out!