Saturday, January 24, 2009

"U" and me - the problem with the alphabet

Finley is having trouble with the letter “U” in our alphabet learning. She has us laughing about it though. Here is the scenario. She and I are reading her alphabet book. We come to the letter “U”. Finley looks at it unknowing this letter.

Mommy: Finley – do you know what letter this is? (pointing at the “u”)
Finley stares blankly at the page
Mommy: Finley, this is “U”
Finley (looking at me): me?
Mommy: what?
I look at her – I have no idea what she means
Mommy: “u” Finley
Finley: me?
I still have no idea
Mommy: This letter is “u”
Finley: me?
Then I think – does she think this is the letter “F”? We say “F” for Finley when we read. Where is Finley going with this “me” business?

Then is dawns on me. When I am saying “u” she thinks I am saying “you”.
This gets me laughing.
Mommy: no Finley not “you” (pointing at her) – this is the letter “u”
Finley: me? (pointing to herself)

Forget it.
Too funny though! And we are STILL working on it – three nights now, we go around and around. I think NOW, she thinks it is funny. Me too.

This week went quick for all of us, and now we are in the mist of our weekend. Wednesday was another short day for the kids in my district, so I had another enjoyable afternoon of peace and quiet and getting work done. Thursday was a long day for me at work, but still it went fast. Thursday and Friday this week in my district was Kindergarten registration. I saw aroudn 40 parents (the nurse has to review the dreaded health form that will allow their child to attend public school). All parents were nice and excited. It is fun to see the kids that are coming next year. I had to stay at school until 7pm on Thursday, but it was fine. The secretary and I had a great time, ordered Mexican food (what you say? MEXICAN? In a town that doesn't even have a convience store? Yeah. I said the same) and got out on time.

The kids were pretty good this week at school. I saw an average of 50 kids a day – about my normal. I did have some kids come in that started their sentences with “last night, at home.....”. Okay seriously? What does this have to do with RIGHT NOW? These kids usually show up in the afternoon after they are tired of being in class. They must think us adults are dummies. Thinking I am going to buy this “last night at home I bumped my head and it still hurts” about 15 hours after it happened. It didn't hurt all morning at school? That's AMAZING. And it just started right now? Interesting stuff! One girl told me a very long, elaborate story and the point ended up being that she had a cold and needed a Kleenex.

All of MY kids are doing great. I wish I could report that Finley has been accident free since Tuesday, but this morning she was jumping around and bumped her top lip on the edge of the bed. The girl not only needs a helmet, she needs knee pads, face mask, elbow pads, padded room......

Arlington was a drama mama this morning. She can be a very emotional child. She cries when broken things get thrown away. She has a hard time deciding things on a whim. She needs time. She was crying because she couldn't decide if she wanted to go shopping with daddy or stay home with mommy. She felt “stressed” about making this decision. Too much. Tonight wasn't much better. She really wanted to read more chapters in the book we are working on, but it was time for bed. I took a picture of her “drama” below.

She also has basketball this morning. It is clear that she doesn't love it. She likes being with her friends, but it is not for her. At least not this program, or not at this age. She never complains, but they don't really make it fun for the kids, so she gets bored. And then she starts chewing her fingernails. However, she has decided she wants to try T-ball in the spring. Here it is mixed boys and girls until the age of 7, when they can possibly HIT the ball, so she will be on a mixed team. It is for 4-6 year olds, so at least she won't be the smallest or youngest. That should help. She LOVES to hit the ball, and is pretty good at it. So, we will see. It starts in May.

Not much else to report. Finley drew all over herself this weekend. She was being REALLY quiet, and I went looking for her, and she had a permanent marker and was drawing on her hands. She had already drawn on her legs. That girl is too much!

Tomorrow is church and then I am going to start painting the family room. I am looking forward to transforming our downstairs like we did our upstairs. It is just paint for now, but we have more plans for this house! I will take pictures if I can remember!

I will see you all on Tuesday!


Elaine said...

Your "u" story made me think of that old bit "Who's on First"!

Too funny!

Carrie said...

That is really funny! Marcail had a bit of the same issue when she first started learning the alphabet! That made me laugh out loud! Glad all is going well!

Frank and Teen said...

Hey, Jen. I gave you an award. Check out my blog to see what I mean! Have a good week!