Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday blog - by "A TIRED mommy

I know you are expecting a wonderful post full of pictures and words of wisdom (hardy har - just joking, folks), but alas, tonight that will not happen. I am so busy this week that unfortunately, the blog is going to take a back seat until Saturday. I don't have any pictures anyway, so might as well skip a day.

Tonight is my school's open house. I am home for exactly 1 1/2 hours and then I have to return there for the evening. I am hoping no one cares about their school nurse, and I can get some work done in peace and quiet.

Tomorrow night is Arlington's open house at her school. So, another evening gone. But I am anxious to meet Arlington's teacher, so that one I am looking forward too.

Friday night is dinner out with my nurse co-workers. Well deserved because our school district is trying to kill us by slow torture this year. The district AND the parents. This week hasn't been awful - just a case of ring worm, flu, pink eye, and two cases of shingles. So - you know - better than last week. Right? Right? Positive thinking.

So I will return on Saturday. I want to say though - when you speak to your child's school nurse - remember - be kind to her. She has a lot of kids to care for and she may not always remember every mole your child has, or that your child may be a little more sensitive than most. We try our best, and we have the BEST interest of your children at heart. I hear so many horror stories about parents who really ream their school nurses for the smallest of problems. My school is tiny - I am only responsible for 270 kids. I know most of them pretty well. (hence the fact that I had 4074 visits last year.....) But some schools in some states - it is one nurse to 6000 students. Or a nurse manager who covers 47,000 students! We try our hardest, and your child's health and well being are our top priority. And the staff. And the teachers. We are way more than a "bandaid nurse". Those days are over for school nurses. We have children who have emotionally, physcially, and mentally complicated issues. We have to recognize such a multitude of complicated issues that it might surprise you.

So, I just say - be kind. The nurse is not trying to bother you when calling about a sick child or to ask you a question. You know your child best, so a phone call to you is invaluable.

Have a great week!

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