Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who are you and what have you done with "fraidy cat" Finley?

First of all - aren't these socks so cute that she is wearing? She is looking very grown up lately.

Anyway, Saturday we went to Lake Compounce. It is an amusement park (for those PA folks - it is Kennywood's sister park) that is here in Connecticut. It is only 1 hour away from our house. The reason we chose this day to go is that it was a Pfizer sponsored day. The tickets were cheap, the parking and drinks were free, and we love to go to amusement parks.

After Arlington's soccer practice this morning, we piled on the car and headed to the park. It is a cool day, and on the verge of raining, but Mr. Weatherman swore to us that we would get today in at the park before the rain hit.

The kids had a blast at the park and we took a ton of pictures. Don't worry - I won't torture you with all of them. And yes, someone stole Finley and replaced her with a brave, potty trained, mild mannered child.

She had the most fun today. It is like someone flipped a switch and she stopped being afraid of the rides. She rode EVERYTHING. Everything in kiddie land, everything outside of kiddie land she was big enough for, and just had a blast.

We couldn't believe it. She astonished us the entire day. She rode the kiddie roller coaster!!

She rode this "all though it was a kiddie land ride dropped really fast" ride

But the kicker was when she rode this:

Finley is in that boat!!! And she was LOVING it. She didn't cry. Mat said she squealed with laughter.

What a big day for our girl. It isn't about the rides. It was about overcoming the fear. We have no idea what gave her bravery today. Yay for you little girl.

Cainan did pretty well with the rides too. He rode a lot of things, but mostly he enjoyed sitting around watching. And eating. And watching. Our couch potato boy.

He doesn't mind riding. But he could really take it or leave it.

Arlington, of course. Rode like a maniac.

Even her dad was getting a little queezy keeping up with Arlington's love of "twirly" rides. And since her mother doesn't go near those rides with a 10 foot pole, he was on his own.

She found a new favorite. The Rotar. This ride used to be at Kennywood (for all of you PA people who might remember) - it spins you around and around, and then the bottom falls out and you stick to the wall.

Yeah, she is that crazy.
Poor Mat. Arlington is lucky she has an awesome dad.

Arlington couldn't really ride the roller coasters there. They didn't have many, but she is two inches too short for them. Next year, baby, next year.

So a great, fun day. The rain did hold out for the most part. We stayed almost until closing, and then it started to sprinkle, so we called it a night.

The park stayed pretty empty all day due to it being its last full weekend it is open, it was on the verge of rain all day, and it was only 65 degrees. But that was perfect for us. We are crowd haters, and ridiculously long lines for lame ride haters, and super duper hot days while standing in said line the day was perfect.

So that is that. I will put the rest of the pictures below in a little slide show. After a long, hard week at work (which I can't even begin to explain to you), we were glad for some family fun time.

So enjoy the pictures! See you Tuesday!

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auntmeggie said...

that post makes me happy, because I am a total fraidy cat and I'm always happy when other people overcome it! yay Finley! you will have a much easier time on school trips to amusement parks. thatta girl.

looks like you guys had fun! tell Arlington I like the twirly rides too. I'd ride with her! :)