Saturday, March 27, 2010

All is well

So everyone is on the mend in our house. Well, technically only Arlington and Finley were sick. Both girls had strep throat and missed a lot of school this past week.

Arlington did get to go back to school on Friday. She was pretty happy about that. I think she missed her class. She had quite a bit of makeup work, but we are almost done with it, thank goodness.

Finley didn't return to school this week. She, on the other hand, was very pleased to be home. She likes school, but she can take it or leave it. She and Mat were here together on Friday. She enjoyed hanging out with him, and was feeling well enough to cause mischief. She colored on the wall with a red marker.

She is so cool like that.

Finley's vision teacher, Gail, also game over on Friday. Gail was supposed to see Finley at school on Friday, so she came here instead. They worked on the brailler and with the magnifiers and Gail was pleased with what she can do already.

Today was softball practice for Arlington. It was FREEZING. It never reached 40 degrees, and they were outside. I had her bundled up and they did a lot of running, but she was still pretty cold. Poor thing. The weather was so much nicer last week, that I think the coach thought we were past the cold spell.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. It was 17 degrees overnight. So.......I was kind of hoping practice would be canceled for today. Ah well.

(the Batmans are getting tired)

Cainan also had swimming lessons today. Lesson #4 of 6. And he is still participating! Mat took Finley with him to Cainan's lesson, and then the three of them went to see "How to Train Your Dragon". His plan was just to take Cainan, but then Arlington got invited to a birthday to see this movie next weekend. We didn't want to leave just Finley out. So, he was brave and took them both.

Let's see.....I haven't told you what we are reading lately.

Arlington and I are reading a book called "The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles".
It is a pretty good one. Mat and she are on a break from "A Wrinkle in Time". They have read 3 of the 5, but he was on a trip so I took over with a new book!!

Arlington just finished reading he 4th of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books on her own, and that is why wanted to see the movie. Now she is reading "Pollyanna". We watched that movie a little while ago.

I am listening to a book on CD of "The Help".

I really recommend it. I am really enjoying it.

Okay - I realize I am rambling today. Not much to report I am afraid. I did rearrange a desk in our office just for Finley. Before it stored an old computer that we haven't turned on in over 1 year, and a growing pile of stuff. So - I was proud of myself for cleaning it all up and making it a little learning station for Finley.

For all of us, really. We can go and use the Brailler, or grab whatever Finley needs. Before I had it in several different places. Now, it all has a home.

That is all! Tomorrow is "So How did it Go Sunday" and I will let you know how this weeks meals went!!

Tah tah!!

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The Kovalls said...

I read "The Help" and LOVED it! Good choice!