Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let there be peace

I hate to admit it, but one of my favorite times of the day is when the kids go to bed.

They look so peaceful and innocent when they are sleeping.

They aren't talking back, or telling their brother/sister what to do. They aren't complaining that they are not going to eat their dinner because they hate everything on their plate. They aren't asking for a cookie every 5 minutes. They aren't telling me they have a stomach ache so they don't have to eat their dinner.

No - when they sleep, they look like angels. They smell good from their bath. Their breathing is even and their faces calm.

As much as I like playing with the kids, and listen to them tell me funny stories from their day, some days my patience is thin and their whining is in over drive.

So when I am the most frustrated with them and glad when it is bed time......

I go and look at them while they sleep. And remember what I like best about them. (which is not just that every night at 7pm they go to bed. Although....that is on the top of the list).

I have about 3/4 of the painting of our playroom done. This job is taking longer than I thought it would because my kids have more toys than they need.

The painting went well. I took a few pictures of the wall, but the camera does not do the color justice. It is hard to capture color of walls on the camera. So you will just have to do your best guess. It is called pompei orange. It isn't really orange, or red.

Finley was funny tonight. She was sitting in the playroom on the couch. She was on there about 10 minutes, and all of the sudden she sat up, looked around and say "hey! Where did the blue go? I don't like this color".

What a weirdo. The blue was bad. It was a baby blue color, and it had seen better days. If nothing else - it is nice not to see the dirty, dingy, marked up walls any more.

I also took a picture of Mat's progress on the cabinets he is building for all of those toys.

(the paint looks really odd in this picture. It doesn't look like this).

Not that these will hold half of the toys, but it is a good start. There will be doors, and then shelving units on top, and then it will be against the wall when it is done.

Then all will be left (after all the cabinets and painting) will be the floor. We are going to put wood floors down. Trust me - for those of you who have kids - this is the best option. Would carpet be warmer? Yes. Would carpet last 5 minutes with my three and their art supplies? No.

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I am really looking forward to getting the kids back outside to play so I can take more pictures.

Mat was outside doing a few things and Arlington built a snowman with the little bit of snow that we have.

She had a good time being out there. All three kids were out for awhile. I am glad they had a chance to get some fresh air.

For my own sake, (and for anyone who is interested) I wanted to list the sigh words that Finley has learned. As most of you know, this blog is a journal for my kids so I like to keep track!

Anyway - I have been delinquent on moving the sight words forward. I haven't added any new ones in a few weeks due to being away on vacation and then a really busy week last week. But anyway - she knows We, do, dad, no, so, in, Papa, Cat, Dog, Up, ball, am, go, can, all, Cainan, Finley, at, baby, Me, he, big, mom, be. I think she is doing quite well. She is like Arlington - she picked them up quickly.

With her sight - is this kind of a pointless task? Maybe. We don't know the future of her vision. But - until she can learn braille, this is the developmental age she is. And so, I will no hinder her learning just because she may/may not be able to see in a few years. I will feel better once we start the braille learning in a few weeks, so that she can learn both at the same time.

Okay - so that is all. A short little random post! I will see all of you on Saturday!

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The Kovalls said...

I wish I could take pictures of E when he's alseep - my psycho would wake right up and ruin the peaceful, sweet moment :-)

I like the paint color - it reminds me of our old powder room!