Sunday, August 12, 2012

Basket raffle

I know, I know - it has been forever since I posted a picture.  I have been so swamped that I have not remembered to grab the camera!

Arlington and I spent the day at our local town's fireman's muster.  Our local town's fire department turned 100 years old.  Pretty amazing.  It was fun.  I had a booth there and sold raffle tickets for our upcoming basket raffle and we had a little game.  We made $430 for our fund just in those few hours.  Baskets were REALLY popular today!

So - I figured now I have all the information on all the baskets that we are giving away, so I am going to post their pictures and info here tonight.  If you are coming to the race, you can buy basket raffle tickets that day.  You can write a check to the RDH12 Fund for Sight or you can bring cash.

If you CAN'T come to the race, but want to buy tickets, you can!  Take a look at the baskets here, and you can email me at and I can talk you through the details.  Or you can go online to our online registration and JUST get basket raffle tickets and pay with your credit card.  Same thing - once I get your basket raffle payment, I will contact you and you can tell me what baskets you want the tickets in. :)  We can get the basket to you - anywhere!

Here is the online registration area for tickets:  BASKET RAFFLE.  

So - we have separated the raffle into two parts this year.  We have a SILVER and a GOLD raffle.  In the Silver raffle, we have the most baskets.  These baskets go for $2/ticket, $5/6 tickets, or $20/25 tickets.  The Gold raffle are our biggest items, so these baskets go for $5/ticket, $40/10 tickets.


Now for the GOLD BASKETS:

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