Sunday, August 5, 2012

One whole year

It has been one whole year since we picked up and moved to Massachusetts.  I cannot believe that we have been here a whole year already.

It has been a very busy year, as well.  Actually, I cannot believe it hasn't been 5 years so much has been going on.

The kids started a new school and ended the year with many new friends.  We made new friends and neighbors as well.

Mat started a new job, got a new boss at the new job, and still is at the same job (miracle).

We adopted two dogs both who feel like they have been here forever.  Especially when they are extremely rowdy.

Our yard went from a jungle (in the front) to a nicely planned out landscape that I am very proud of.  The back yard.....well.....still a jungle.  Baby steps.

We are at home here.  We have loved all 6 states we have loved in, but here in the north east, we are truly at home.  I have always wanted to live in New England, and here is where we really belong.

I don't have a broken foot this time!  Do you remember that?  Day one of our move from Connecticut I tripped and twisted my foot and wala!  The Boot for 4 weeks.  Yeehaw.

A good year.  I can't complain about a thing, and I smile when I think about our life here.  We are truly blessed with a slew of wonderful new friends, and a beautiful new house.  And we keep our fingers crossed that we can stay here......forever.

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Just Me said...

I've always liked western Mass. I'm a born and raised "Mainer," but love taking a jaunt down to Boston for the weekend or heading out to western Mass which reminds me so much of Maine.
Welcome to New England. :)