Friday, February 1, 2013

Busy Week

This week has kept me busy.  Mat traveled.  We had a two hour delay and crazy weather for school.  I worked on Thursday.  I have been working non-stop for our race that is coming up in June.  Busy, busy busy.

We are starting to receive some donations for our basket raffle for our June event.  So many fun things coming in that I can't wait to put the raffle together.  We are getting a great response from local businesses, and businesses around the country.  It is really fun!  And today I sent out all the letters to start asking for sponsorships so that we can cover the cost of the event.  Wish us luck.

Tomorrow Finley and I are going to a Teddy Bear tea with her Daisy troop.  We are all donating one new teddy bear, and they are going to be donated to charity.  It will be a lot of fun.  I promise to take the camera and take picture.  Mat is going to take the other two kids to do something fun while Finley and I are having tea.

Rosie, our dog, is sick as well.  I don't think I mentioned that on here before.  She is just a puppy, and it is nothing serious.  Just normal "dog who lives in the woods" stuff.  She thinks she is a cat.  She likes to bring me "treats" of dead animals, which is totally gross.  Apparently she has gotten into something outside in the woods behind our house on one of her excusions and she has a stomach bug.  She is one two different antibiotics and an antacid.  When I took her to the vet on Monday she had a fever, and she was dehydrated from vomiting over the weekend.  She had to get IV fluids at the vet, and after all that and the medications, and the blood was a $300 visit.  She is a pain, but a cute pain.  She seems to be feeling better.  She has another week of antibiotics and being fed chicken and rice (she thinks she has made it big time with that dinner).  Will it stop her from being gross?  Probably not.

No new pictures so share.  This week, a few new people asked to see our video that we made for Finley last year for the book contest.  We ended up winning the contest which was great, and are hoping to have the book published in the near future.  But if you haven't seen the video - you should go and watch.  I still can't make it through without crying.  We have amazing support.

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