Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year

It has been a busy week.  I have had a sick Arlington on my hands.  She missed 3 days of school and has been very needy.  So the blog has taken a back seat.

But, before the sickness broke out, we had our annual Chinese New Year Party.  This year we decided to invite several families to celebrate with us.  We were going to celebrate on Saturday, but because of snowmageddon, we had to push the party to Sunday.  And that caused a few families not to be able to join us, but we still had a lot of fun.

Enjoy the pictures!

Decorations on our large mantel:
 The table where the food would be eventually:
 Our center island served as our dessert table:
 I was able to fit 21 people in our dining room - I was proud!
 Before the party started:

 It was the year of the snake.  On the table below are things Mat picked up in China:
 Some of the "year of" animals:

 I set up tables for the kids in the living room to do crafts.  Each kid had a bag of goodies, and two art projects and a Chinese calendar:
 Entrance to the living room:
 The big craft table:
 Our smaller mantel:
 Kids getting ready to do crafts:
 Cainan's "100 wishes" quilt that our friends and family contributed to when we first brought him home:
 Doing some crafts:
 The adults getting their grub on:
 We sang happy Birthday to Mat.  His mom had brought a cake:

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY Chinese new year!
I love the cool pictures and the last one of Finley getting a hug by her ''Daddy''

Happy Valentine's Day also.

Friend, Shayla