Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Another successful Easter in the Pletcher house.  Kids woke up early, searched for eggs, opened a few presents, ate their weight in candy, and had a chance to play outside because we FINALLY are having good weather.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.  Only Finley likes them out of the kids, so we don't dye many:

 Scooby eying up the eggs.  Later that night when Mat and I were getting things ready, he snuck and ate three eggs off the table - shell and all.  Even ate the paper towel they were drying on.  He never climbs the table!  I am glad he didn't get sick.

 Finley got a little silly after awhile:
 Easter morning - ready to go down stairs:

 Finley's presents from the Easter bunny.  Don't judge EB - he wraps even the candy.  My kids like wrapping paper:
 The eggs Scooby couldn't reach:

 Cainan's stash:

 Arlington's stash:
 Arlington's Easter presents:
 Finley's Easter presents:
 Cainan's Easter Presents:

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Anonymous said...


I am happy the kids had a fun Easter! Lots of goodies too!

We had fun, easter egg hunting, nice turkey dinner and about 23 peopleo over. that was a lot!

thank you for sharing your fun times!

Happy Spring!