Monday, March 11, 2013

RDH12 Dinner Dance

This past weekend we had the honor to go the the Fiore family's dinner dance for their daughter, Bella, and our RDH12 Fund for Sight.

Like Finley, Bella has RDH12 LCA.  We met their family at the LCA conference in Philadelphia in 2010, and we are so glad we did.  They are an amazing family who have grown our foundation by leaps and bounds.  We would be no where near our cure if it wasn't for them.  They have two amazing events a year - the Dinner Dance in the spring, and a golf outing in the fall.

The Dinner Dance is so fun because we get to dress up, and dance, and have a great time.  This year we were able to bring the kids.  It was nice for the donors to be able to meet Bella and Finley and see how well the girls are doing, and for us to express how grateful we are for all of their support.

Bella's Buddies raised $20,000 Saturday night for our foundation.  How amazing is that news?

I took some pictures of the night, and the Fiore's sent me a few - so here they are.  Enjoy!

Finley and Bella at the beginning of the night:
 Maria and I with our RDH12 girls:
 Bella and Finley doing some crafts at our table:
 Anthony (Bella's brother) and Cainan playing the ipad.  Cainan was so happy to see another boy:
 Ava (Bella's little sister - she and Anthony are twins) coloring at our table:
 My favorite picture of Finley and Bella:
 They were goofy all weekend:
 Ava and Finley:
 The Fiore's getting ready to start the night:
 The girls were thinking of dancing:
 Finley and Arlington start tearing up the dance floor:
 Cainan did was he did best - stay in one spot all night:
 The Fiore family and our family:
 Finley and Arlington dancing:
 Mike and Ava:
 The girls did this most of the night:

 They held hands all night.  By the end of the night they said their feet hurt from dancing so much:
 I won a raffle prize1  I never win anything!  I won a REAL Kate Spade bag. 

 I love it so much:
 These were the centerpiece of the tables.  Arlington won one - she was excited:

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your RDH12 Fund is raising for much money for a cure. Happy days!