Thursday, March 21, 2013

Picture Catch Up

Between working on the races, getting ready for our next bunco, and stuffing 1000's of envelopes, I did actually take some pictures.  You're welcome.

So here they are - enjoy!!

This is what happens to you when you mingle with a skunk and the skunk wins.  You get a bad hair cut and a bandage.  Dumb dog:
 Rosebud looks huge next to Scooby now:
 On March 14th, Rosebud turned 1 year old.  We got her a doggie cake:
 Which she threw up later that night because she ate the whole thing all at once:
 She got two new toys and Scooby promptly stole one and got it stuck on his head.  Yes my life is a circus:

 This past Saturday was the pine wood derby for the boy scouts.  Cainan was so excited:
 His car is the second one from the left:

 Yesterday a local artist, Bruce Davidson, who has taken an interest in our cause for Finley came over to paint with her.  He heard about her love of art, and brought over a 6 foot canvas and all kinds of art supplies and spent 4 hours painting with her.  She was in heaven!!


Anonymous said...


Oh, how sweet.

Great job kids!

Anonymous said...

2:51 P.M.

Dear friends,

I prayed and will keep praying that Finley's retinal exam goes well. God is always in control and is a very real presents in times of trouble.

May the Lord Be with you always,