Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break

I am still alive - I promise!  We are so busy now that it is spring break for the kids that when I sit down at night I am just working on stuff for our upcoming fundraisers and then going to bed.  Having them all home during the day takes up all of my time, so my projects have to wait until the evening.  Now that the race prep is in full swing, the blog has taken a back burner.

All three kids have gotten new bikes!  I have taken some pictures, but want to take Arlington's picture tomorrow and then I will share.  We bought Finley a Razor cycle, which is low to the ground.  It just isn't safe for her to ride a regular bike anymore, and she loves this thing.  Now she can still go around with all the neighborhood kids and be safe at the same time.

Mat's Aunt Betty was in visiting us since last Friday and just left this morning.  We had a great time while she was here, and the kids are missing her like crazy already.  She helped me so much in the garden and we are in a really great place now for spring!  The yard looks great!  I love watching all the spring plants come up.

Tomorrow Mat's parents arrive to spend a long weekend with us.  The kids are excited about all of their spring break visitors.  Since we didn't go anywhere this time, we are glad people are coming in to see us.

We have kept busy, and the weather has been beautiful.  Too nice to spend our days in doors and everyone is exhausted come bedtime.  A perfect week.

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Anonymous said...

April 17th, 2013

I am happy to hear that you are all having a great spring, us too!
The weather has been so nice we spend most days outdoors like you.I am happy your kids got new bikes, very awsome. Our little friend Lilly (my cousin Jeff's stepdaughter) she is 4 we just baought her a new princess bike today. She really loves it!