Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Sun has come up

Ah spring.  What a beautiful weather week we have had.  My flowers and getting bigger every day - I even see changes from morning to evening with some of the faster growers.  I walk around our huge yard admiring natures ability to be on time year after year.  This is my favorite time of year - watching all of my perennials resurface after a long, cold winter.  Warm, yet comfortable, days and just enough rain that I don't have to water the plants that often.

We have a huge yard.  We have 100's of plants that I tend, plus a very large yard to mow.   It is a lot of work, but we love it.  This year, we are mulching all of our plant sites (I have 10 large sites to mulch - no easy task) so we had it delivered.  This is the first time we have needed so much mulch that it was better to have it just dumped in our lot all at once rather than make 50 trips to the hardware store.  Plus, believe it not - this way is cheaper because we are buying in bulk.

I took a picture of our mulch pile, but blogger will not let me post pictures tonight.  No idea what is happening, so I will try tomorrow.

Our mulch pile is crazy big.  We bought 10 cubic yards of mulch to start with and hope that it will be enough.  My mom and I started spreading it while she was here, but we hardly made a dent.  Little by little.

I took a picture of Arlington with her new bike that will have to wait as well!  It is up and running now.  It needed some tweaking which my dad did while he was here.  He is definitely a bike expert after all of his years of experience, so I knew he would be able to make it perfect.

this week was madness from beginning to end.  The kids were back in school after a week of spring break.  Arlington had her first softball game.  Early morning braille sessions are back.  My parents came in WEdnesday afternoon and left this morning.  Cainan had a tee-ball game this morning and the girls each had a birthday party.  And now Arlington is at a Girl Scout overnight with her troop.


It is getting harder to work on our upcoming fundraisers due to the warm weather.  The yard calls me to come and play.  The kids want to be outside until it is dark, and I want to dig in the dirt.  So I am sitting most evenings working on the June 15th fundraiser instead of blogging!

Not too much complaining though because we are so excited for that event.  We have huge, amazing baskets for our raffle, and $9000 in sponsorships.  People are signing up.  I still get daily mail with donations, registrations, basket raffle items.  So I am afraid the blog will continue to take a back seat for awhile.  I will still be here at least once a week - hopefully more.  But don't be surprised if 4 or more days go by with blogging silence.

So go out and enjoy that sunshine.  Plant some trees or some flowers.  Plant a veggie garden.  The summer is so short for us here in the north that I plan on taking advantage of every minute.

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April 27th

what a nice way to start off summer. have fun we will too!