Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back post catch up #3

We are getting there - almost caught up.

Next - I went on a field trip with Cainan's class.  We had a great time.  It was a trip into Boston - the kids have been learning about Boston for a few months, and they took us all into the Boston Common, the State House, and downtown, and we had a great day.  I was glad I got to go with him.

They follow a story called "Make Way for Ducklings" - which takes place in Boston.  It is a really cute story, and a great way for the kids to learn a little about historical sites in Boston.

Enjoy the pictures:

Cainan on the bridge in the Boston Common
 This area was blocked off because a mama swan was on a nest!
 Statue of Washington

 This plaque is at the 9/11 memorial in Boston Common.  It says: 
  "Time touches all more gently here.  Here where man has said No:  trees and grass, and flowers will remain, where the first born somestimes sees his father's father's eyes reflected in the shallow pool; feels an ancient heart beat in the palm of his hand pressed against a willow; and seeking comfort, seeking shade lies beneath the golden leaf elm watching swanboats glide in season."
 This is the Massachusetts 9/11 memorial.  We always think of New York City when we remember 9/11, but a lot of the people on the planes that crashed into the towers were from Massachusetts.  One was a neighbor of our school's principal.
 The children all brought a flower and placed it on the memorial.
 Cainan found this strange tree:

 The State House
 Freedom Trail:
 Cainan's class outside the State House
 Cainan and his buddy, "J"

 Inside the State House:

 The kids all were told to lie down and look at the ceiling (where they saw what was in the picture above)

 We ended our tour down on the dedication to "Make Way to Ducklings"

 Cainan's Saint of a teacher:
 Cainan and his buddy "L" on the Swan boat:
 Swan boats:

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Anonymous said...

June 28th, 2013

Cool Cainen I am happy that you got to learn more about Boston! It is awesome!