Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last day of school 2013

Yesterday was the last day of school for our 2012-2013 school year.  For those of you who are in normal states - yes, we are still in school and it is almost July.  Yes we hate it.

We had 10 snow days to make up. Plus, New England likes their breaks, so we have a week long winter break and spring break AND the school year doesn't begin until after Labor Day.  So the school year goes on forever.  End ever.

But the end has come.  Arlington is now a rising 5th grader (here that is still elementary school), Finley a rising 2nd grader, and Cainan a rising first grader.

Arlington had an awesome report card.  She got all A's and even brought up some of her A- to As.  Very proud of her.  She also got the results of her state test exams and she was in the top 4% for the state in both reading and math.  So.....that just proves that Suzie Q can do the work when she wants to. never. 

Arlington's teacher next year was "To Be Announced" until this evening.  We found out the name of the new teacher and from what we read, she sounds amazing.  Arlington will be excited to hear about her in the morning.  We don't know her, but we are all for getting to know her!  They work in teams in the 5th grade, so she will have 3 teachers in total.  This helps get them  a little ready for middle school.  (Middle School!!!)

Finley also had a great report card.  She brought up a lot of her "Progressing" grades to "Mastery" in reading, math and writing.  She still continues to be shy and need encouragement, but she held her own this year.  Her state exams she did very well on - following right in the middle of the road.  Very pleased since this was her first state exam (goodness knows why 1st graders have to be tortured with this stuff) and we are still learning how she needs to take exams to best suit her ever changing vision.
Finley's teacher next year was who we were expecting.  I have heard from a lot of parents that she is wonderful and very academic, so maybe she will push Finley a bit.  I just hope we can find a balance of pushing Finley and not pushing her too far to where she goes back inside her shy self and we get worried.  I think if the teacher and I have good communication and we stay on top of Finley in the class about how she feels things are going, we will be fine.

Cainan also had a great report card.  He has mastered almost all of the skills that were listed on his report card and has become an excellent reader.  He is the only one of the three children that actually LIKES to read for fun.  And it shows.  Cainan's problems still lie in his ability to concentrate and not be distracted.  He seems to be able to do the work, but being distractable is going to catch up with him and then we are going to have trouble.  Was it worth him doing transitional this year instead of 1st grade?  Mat and I will give you different answers on that.  I think what Cainan gained is that he is now a year older.  I hope that will help us when trying to get him settled into routine of a busy classroom.  Mat will tell you that missing first grade actually didn't do him any good and he hasn't gotten any less distracted.  So....we will see.
Cainan didn't have to take state test, so nothing to report there!  His teacher next year we are giddy about.  She sounds fabulous.  He didn't get the same teacher Finley had, but the entire first grade team has an amazing reputation, so I am not worried at all.  It pays to be in the #1 state for public education.

So another end to another school year.  In a blink we will be getting backpacks loaded and heading back to school.  We have very few plans this summer and plan on relaxing and enjoying the yard and our friends.  We are glad that we are done with the early mornings for awhile and the kids can take a breather.

Enjoy some pictures I took of Finley and Cainan at the bus stop yesterday morning!

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June 28, 2013

I am glad to hear your kids are moving up in the world!


shayla M.