Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finley's Birthday Party

Today we took Finley to the American Girl Store in Boston to have lunch and get her birthday present.  When Arlington turned 7, she asked to go to the American Girl store and a doll, and Finley asked to do the same.

Finley already has a couple of American Girl dolls because she is truly a doll girl.  Her grandmother bought her the first one the year we found out Finley was losing her sight.  She treasurers those dolls, and yes I know they are ridiculously expensive, but she plays with them and loves them. 

Finley decided that she wanted to go to the Boston store - instead of NYC - because she wanted to bring some friends.  So she was able to invite two friends.  She invited her two besties - who both have the same first name. 

We had lunch at the cafe in the American Girl Store, and the girls had a great time.  They each brought a doll with them and the dolls got a chair and a tea cup to use while we were at the table.  The lunch was delicious - and not outrageous in price - and there was something on the menu for everyone.

After Lunch, the girls explored the store, and Finley picked her doll.  She wanted a doll named Saige - who is the "Girl of the Year".  She looks like Finley a bit - brown hair, blue eyes.  But what attracted  Finley to her was the doll "characters" likes: art and horses.  Two of Finley's favorites.  Finley also picked out the seeing eye dog that American Girl came out with this past spring.  Last fall I wrote a letter to American Girl saying that it would be nice to see something for blind girls.  They have wheelchairs, and hearing aides, etc. but nothing that represents a blind child.  I got a letter back thanking me for my inquiry and that they would definitely talk to their design team about it.  Thinking it was just a brush off form letter, I was surprised to see a seeing eye dog show up in their next catalog!  I guess I wasn't the only one asking, and I was glad to see that American Girl listened.

After lunch at American Girl, we left and went on a search for ice cream.  We were near a large mall, and thought for sure we would find something sweet, but the girls spotted a candy store before we got far on our search.  We gave them the choice and they chose the candy store, so off we went.  They had a great time filling a little bag each with some sweet treats, then trying to eat all of it on the car ride home.

It was a fun few hours for Finley and I am so glad she got to do it with a few of her friends.  These little girls are great with Finley and very caring and very "like her".  They have similar personalities and interest, and I hope that they stay life long friends.  Finley is going to need girls who have her back, and I know I can count on these two.

Enjoy the pictures!

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