Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Camping We Will Go!

Friday night into Saturday evening, the girls and I went camping.  Now, before you fall out of your chair and think, "not only did she go camping, she went alone with the girls"?  No, no no.  Silly readers.  I hate camping, remember?

We went camping with the girl scouts.  All local girl scout troops attended an overnight encampment this weekend and I was asked to be the nurse.  The lead of this camp experience was the woman who was my right hand helper all through Finley's June event here in Massachusetts, so no way was I saying no.  I owe her.  A LOT.

We had to be there by 5pm Friday night, so I spent Friday trying to pack.  The funny thing about this time of year in the far north is - it is 40 degrees in the evenings and morning and 80 degrees during the day.  So we have to pack multiple layers.  Especially since we would be sleeping outdoors - we had to be prepared for all different temperatures.  So, that meant taking a lot of clothes along for just one night.  Mat thought we were going for a week when he saw the bags.

I had gotten the three of us new sleeping bags.  We have one good one, and one okay one, but the girls love camping, so I figured these will last them a long time.  Plus, they could be used down to 30 degrees and still be warm.

We packed the car, and headed to the camp site.  IT was only 15 minutes from the house, so not bad.  It is strictly for scouts, and it was WONDERFUL.  A really beautiful, HUGE camp site.  The tents were not tents on the ground - they were on permanent structures with army grade tent material over top.  They held 4-5 cots with mattresses that the girls could sleep on. And each girl then had a mosquito net over the cot for protection.  There was one leader in a tent and then the rest was girls.

The little ones slept in a huge cabin.  It had a kitchen, bathrooms, electricity.....That was good for Finley's age group.  The leaders were in there with the girls as well. 

Then I got to sleep in the nurse's cabin.  It had three bedrooms, electricity, a bathroom, a was very nice!  I didn't mind staying after I saw that.

We had around 100 girls stay at the camp, so it was busy, but fun.  My girls had a great time.  Finley's troop leader said she had never seen her so animated.   Finley had a great time - and loved being in the woods.  She wasn't afraid at all.

The leaders have sent me some pictures they took that included my girls in them, so I am going to share them here.  Enjoy!

 Arlington's troop was the color guard for Friday night:

Smores around the camp fire before bed Friday night:
Arlington's troop - sweet girls:
                              Rise and shine!  Let day number two begin:

                                                  The did some canoeing:

                                Arlington mostly went in circles with "K"

 Lord only knows what she is doing here:

Finley's leader gave her the map at one point to hold.  Always good to let the blind girl lead....
 Me and My Girl taking a break:
 Finley and her buddy "A" at one of the camp activities:

 Finley trying to Hoola Hoop:

 Closing ceremonies - getting ready to make the friendship circle.  That is Finley's leader to her right, holding her hand.  She is amazing.  And to HER right is her daughter, and Finley's bestie:
By this time, the girls are punchy and silly:
 There is always that one friend........
All the girls - they all had a blast!!  Ages 5-13:

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Anonymous said...

September 15, 2013

Wow!! it looks like you and the girls had a blast! The camping doesn't sound bad either. LOL!

I am happy you had fun!