Sunday, September 1, 2013

Race Day Photos - Take 3

Final pictures!  Enjoy!

My grandparents and great Aunt Mary talking with my cousins Kirsten and Alissa.
 The Grenell girls did a great job doing hair feathers on the kids:
 Mat's sister Jess did her usual fantastic face painting!
 Our enormous bounce house donated by Hip Hop Hooray rentals.
 Uncle Tom and Cainan making some balloon animals:

Wendy came down and gave our balloons:
 Lunch line formed quick when it was time:
 Family.  My pap (who is 93 and still drives), me, my cousin Alissa, My grammy (who is 88 and can run circles around all of us), my cousin Kirsten, my aunt Renee, and my Aunt Mary (who is 90 and still keeps a vegetable garden)  I come from good stock:
 My grandparents chatting with Mat's mom, Sally:
 These two young ladies never left the lunch line. 
 One of my favorite pictures of the day.  Jess with Arlington.  Is there any doubt that Arlington is a Pletcher?
 Three trouble makers:
 The masses are eating:
 Hair braiding!

 St.  Rita's ladies:
 The racers check their times.  I loved that they were taking pictures of their finishing times.  Made us feel like a real event!
 The retired teachers table.  The young lady in the purple was my 2nd grade teacher and my favorite teacher of all time:

Cousin Alissa was in charge of my nephew Jack.  We can tell what a good idea that was:
 Still there!!
 Oh Jack. :)  Should we tell everyone that this is the dog water fountain?  He is about the cutest little thing isn't he?
 Grammy feeding my nephew Ethan his weight in cookies.
 My Aunt Sally and my little cousin Mackenzie:
The Connellsville Lions Club members that were  at the event and volunteering:
 My brother and my Aunt Jeanie:
 Finley wearing a special hairbow that was made especially for her:

 My nephew Ethan helping me with the basket raffle:

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very, very,very awesome Pletcher Family!!