Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Truckin' Along

Not much to report lately because we are in "beginning of the school year survival mode".  School has been in 2 full weeks today, and routines are being established.  My kids still think they are on summer vacation and don't understand yet that coming off the bus means time for homework and activities.

But alas - I now have two kids who have homework every night.  Arlington's homework is getting more intense and she has quite a bit of it.  She is responsible for pleasing three teachers this year instead of just one, but she is staying organized thus far.  I am thankful for this age gap between the kids where she is off the bus a 1/2 hour before the other two so that she and I can complete her homework before the other two children get off the bus.

She also picked up her clarinet this evening.  Did I mention she is going to play the clarinet?  If not, it was because I was trying to block it from my memory.  She is very excited about it.  She is keeping it beside her bed tonight and has been caught sneaking peeks inside the case tonight.  We are renting said clarinet for one month until my parents bring me a clarinet when they visit.  I am grateful that they have one because knowing Arlington, this little adventure isn't going to last long.  As soon as she realizes that it is all WORK and very little FUN, the novelty will wear off.  And if it doesn't, kudos to her.

Finley's nightly homework isn't intense, and she rather enjoys it.  She likes getting praise, and feeling accomplished (unlike some sister of hers I know) so getting a pat on the back after working hard on her work, she is a happy girl.  She is cute when she does her homework - very serious about following the directions and repeating what the teacher said to do.  The teacher is enlarging all of her work and that is making homework so easy for her to see, so we are grateful that is working out.  The kids in this class are also on a green, yellow, red card system for behavior, and we are reported each day on what color card our child was.  So far, our little girl has been all green cards.  Not surprising because Finley is actually our quiet, reserved child in public.  We told her if she can stay at green card status for a month, she can get a movie she has been itching to own.  So we will see if it lasts.

Cainan doesn't have homework yet.  True to first grade form, they give the kids a while to settle in - especially the kids who are coming from 1/2 day Kindergarten.  It is a big transition to them and 1st grade is a lot more work, so it is a wise decision.  It is supposed to be either next week or the next.  His homework, though, is only once a week with just reading a book each night for 15 minutes.  So it won't be bad.  He continues to be in Kumon for reading and math, so he has that work each night which he does while he sister is doing her homework.  So he is keeping plenty busy.

Cainan's teacher is amazing.  She is technology savvy and a lovely person.  Cainan adores her already.  She keeps a daily blog with pictures and reports from what they did at school that day, and we get a taste of what are kids are up to through that.  It is such a neat way to keep parents informed, and I would encourage more teachers of young students to take this approach.  Communication with 20 parents cannot be easy, and I have to say that seeing what the kids are doing has decreased the questions and wonders I have about his day.  So it was a very smart way to keep parents out of her hair. :)

The kids activities are also in full swing.  Cainan is in Karate this fall and is loving it.  We found a wonderful place for him to attend and he is learning a lot.  He goes twice a week for two 45 minutes classes and it is a lot of running.  They are also teaching the kids about respect and being a good person, which I think is the most important part of Dojo.

Finley is in gymnastics, and art class and Brownie scouts.  She loves them all.  Her Scouting leaders have always been great with the girls - lots of field trips, activities, and fun outings.  And gymnastics is a place for her to release some of that 7 year old energy and have fun in the process.  Her love of art finally caused us to find an art class outside of school for her to do a little more involved drawing.  We found an art school in the next town over, and she loves it.  I hope her love of drawing and being creative continues.

She is still doing braille 3 times a week before school, cane training once a week during the day, and physical therapy twice a week during the day.  So she is a busy girl.  And she is starting to read so much faster in braille AND print.  She has been picking it up more quickly lately and I am pleased to see the changes.

Arlington is not doing any outside of school activities at this time.  She will be starting basketball in a few weeks, but we decided to let her get started in the school year before taxing her too much.  She is in her last year of elementary school and they are preparing them for middle school, so she is busy.  And she does have the clarinet which she will be practicing in the evenings.  Joy.

Alive and well - just busy.  I will try and remember to take some pictures soon to share on the blog.  The dust is settling, so it will be easier!

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There is a lot you mentioned, it's good the kids are so active in school. thank you for sharing :)

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