Saturday, January 11, 2014

Olympic Skaters

This past Thursday, Arlington and I had the chance to go with her girl scout troop to see the Olympic hopefuls do their final skating trials before heading to Sochi for the Olympics.  We were so excited for this outing.  We love watching the ice skating during the Olympics.

We also had a chance to see Michelle Kwan inducted into the World Hall of Fame for skating.  She is the most decorated skater in the world.  It was cool to see her up close.

Boston was lucky to host these championships - especially at this final level, and we were excited to see such amazing talent.  Enjoy the pictures!

Arlington and her friend "K" getting ready for the show:
 Getting ready for the show:

 the opening show:
 The judges tables:
 What we saw was the ladies short program:

 This girl was from Massachusetts:

 This girl was from Pittsburgh, PA:

 Some of the girls in Arlington's troop:
 Michelle Kwan!!

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Anonymous said...


I love ice skating and ice skaters 2!!!
Wow I am happy you got to watch the Olympic skaters! So awesome!