Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year - 2014.  The year of the horse

Last year we had a Chinese New Year Party, but this year we are quieter.  We will be having plenty of yummy Chinese food, and we bought our traditional Chinese New Year Book, and we share traditions from Cainan's heritage.

Here is a picture of Cainan when we was adopted in China.  How much he has changed.

He is pre-surgery in this picture.  He didn't have his cleft lip and palate repaired until he came home to America.  And in this picture Mat has balanced him against the wall.  Even at 14 months, he hadn't even learned to crawl, let alone walk.

He had a hard start.  A very hard start.  You would be blown away by how far he has come.

China to us is a special place.  We would not have our Cainan without China's adoption program.  And as sad as we are for Cainan and all the children who are left on park benches because they cannot be cared for by their birth families, we wouldn't be a complete family without our boy.

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